The ICC Will Decide The Venue For World T20 By 1st June 2021

India is in the dream of hosting the World T20 for the second time after the 2016 edition. But the hopes might be quashed because of the Corona Virus pandemic in the country.

The second wave of this deadly COVID 19 virus is still a threat, and scientists are saying that the third wave is also coming in October when the World T20 tournament starts.

The Indian Premier League 2021 season was played in the country during the second wave, and that was also why the IPL 2021 season was postponed to an indefinite period. But still, the Indian Board is ready to host the World T20 tournament in India, and they believe that cases might subside till that ICC mega event starts.

The reports from the health authorities have alarmed the Indian government. So hosting a world tournament with 16 participating teams will be a huge risk if BCCI takes it. The International Cricket Council will discuss the risks and stuff to decide the venue for the upcoming World T20 by 1st June 2021.

The Indian board members will have a general body meeting on 29th May to discuss further this matter. The Municipal Cooperation of Mumbai says that there is no need to make a U-turn if the cases are not rising. Mumbai will set up jumbo hospitals, and they will be prepared for the third wave in the city. 

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