About us

Cricfann is a go-to place for the business and finance community for we put a lot of emphasis on expert opinions and comments on the latest price breakthroughs, challenges, and policies to make this platform more than any Business News Website! In the times of technology, Cricfann being a pocket friend keeps you updated and ready for any conversation while you are on-the-go with the latest and best version of news from the Business, Tech, Finance worlds without keeping you away from the Entertainment or general news.

Rafael Gilbert -Founder of CricFann

Cricfann is a platform for the new generation who has less time, a lesser span of attention, and varied interests, the generation of Entrepreneurs.

Each day, the Cricfann reaches the Entrepreneurs of today with the latest Business, Finance, and Tech News, needed to keep the ever-evolving Business Minds. The news on our platform is short and crisp, written with the aim of maximum information in minimum time so that one can read as much news as possible during their tea break, drive, or while a call gets connected.

Founded On 27 September, 2020 Cricfann along with specializing in the Business, Finance and Tech News categories, has another section which is the General News that curates news from all over the world from irrespective of categories so that whatever your interest or mood be or rather we should say, whatever the trending news be, the responsibility to keep you updated with the latest happenings is ours.

It is a US based Organization Founded In California, With a global team of writers, Cricfann always provides you with the most authentic news from across the world and on time for our aim to keep our global English-speaking audience updated with fresh news. Our Business, Financial, and Tech section are also updated with expert comments and analysis on the latest changes in the industry to broaden the horizons. You can also email us at marketcapitalizes@gmail.com We read every email and usually reply within one business day.