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Indian Premier League’s preparations have been started and one of the team Rajasthan Royals has attracted some gossips after they bought the South African cricketer Chris Morris for a whopping amount of Rs. 16.25 crores. With such a huge amount, Morris is so far the most expensive player in the tournament. As they have spent such a big amount on him, they are taking special care of the player. They are concerned about the fitness of the player because in the last year’s IPL too, Chris Morris could only play 9 matches for team Royal Challengers Bangalore as he was facing fitness problems. As he was facing fitness problems, the Royal Challengers Bangalore released him and Rajasthan Royal bought him.

Kumar Sangakkara, the director of the Rajasthan Royals team told the press that they had a great number of doctors in the team including John Gloster who will make sure Morris doesn’t have any medical situations. They also had physio and trainers for the player. The team wants to make sure that the player plays well after spending so much. 

The director added that they had researched what affected the player last season and what were the reasons the player could not play. They will make sure that all the necessary precautions and measures would be taken for Morris. He also added that this year, due to covid-19 restrictions, the players won’t have to travel much and the matches will be played near locations that will be good for Morris’s health. The venues will be restricted and won’t require much travel which will be so good for the South African all-rounder.

Courtesy: Times of India

Team Rajasthan Royals did not have good bowlers in their team and this year they have focussed more on the bowlers. We hope that Morris will be in action throughout the tournament and will prove that Rajasthan Royals’ decision to spend a fortune on him was right. The team also has a Bangladesh left-arm bowler who will be a replacement if a bowler from the team gets to go back to Pavillion.

Do you think Rajasthan Royals’ decision to buy Chris Morris for such a huge amount was right?


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