3 Cyber Security Solutions Types Your Business Needs

Cybersecurity is one of the main concerns in every business. Businesses of any size are open to cyber-attacks that is why cybersecurity solutions are highly in demand by many business owners. 

Cybercriminals are getting more innovative every year in the schemes that they use against organizations. Here are three solutions you must acquire to improve your business’s cybersecurity:

Perimeter Security

The perimeter security type of solution serves as a wall between your network and the Internet. 

Web services, cloud technologies, and mobile devices offer a substantial number of opportunities for businesses. Yet, these technologies add to the services and solutions quantity that has to be maintained securely.

If there’s a wide connection in the web, just one malware will be enough to invade and spread through the whole network quickly. You will deal with these threats by establishing a perimeter security framework that will shield access to essential data, services, and applications.

Examples of perimeter securities include spam protection, firewall, and intrusion prevention system.

Research studies show that about 91 percent of cybercrimes started with phishing attacks, usually sent via email. The cybercriminals send requests or offers to entice web users to click the links full of malware.

Spam solutions by blocking ads and flagging emails ensure that users won’t see the annoying or threatening emails. Some of the spam solutions come with safe browsing where the destination URL is checked to ensure safety.

On the other hand, firewalls refer to a protocol set that commands what is allowed or blocked from entering your network. It works by observing incoming and outgoing traffic. Firewalls examine where the sources of payloads are and identify if those are trusted.

Firewalls are used to preclude Trojans and other similar malware from entering networks. Yet, firewalls can be used to keep employees from sending out sensitive data from your network.

The main drawback of using this solution is that they can be bypassed if the cyber attackers send trusted payloads to avoid being detected. Therefore, the use of IPS or Intrusion Prevention System together with a firewall must be done.

Intrusion Prevention System is meant to recognize malicious network action. An IPS can know the intrusions even if they are from trusted sources. The IPS quarantine or kill the known malicious payloads to avoid the malware from spreading through the system.

Intranet Security

Cybersecurity solutions such as this have something to do with protecting individual devices from malware that can infiltrate a local network. The common intranet security strategies include anti-malware software and updating and patching software.

Human Security

Many users mistakenly believe that malware attacks and hackers are the only threats that need to be considered. This is because many companies pour all their resources out into cybersecurity yet ignoring human security.

A study in 2016 discovered that 23 percent of all the security breaches were caused by human mistakes, including connecting to unsecured networks, creating weak passwords, and replying to spam emails.

If trusted employees to these in your company, all the other cybersecurity will be useless. Training your employees about security awareness will be a big help for them and great for your business. 

Consider all the possible ways that attackers may infiltrate your network and decide which security solutions are severely needed to protect your business from cybercriminals.

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