Timeless Quilt Pieces to Add Comfort and Style to Your Bedroom

Colorful and attractive quilt patterns have always been crowd favorites ever since quilts came into the picture centuries ago. The eye-catching designs add to the cozy feeling that quilts provide, especially during the cold winter months.

But with time, quilts have evolved, and people’s preferences for them have changed, as well.

Now, there are many different types of quilts to choose from. Thick or thin, cotton or wool, Downia or bambi quilts, and a lot more. And people started leaning towards simple but bold designs rather than the intricate patterns that are famous years ago.

However, even with the changes, there are still designs that are here to stay. And here are some of them.

Hexagon Pattern

Hexagons are a classic pattern for quilts. And if someone wants to go DIY with their fabric, the hexagon pattern is the perfect choice for beginners. After all, hexagons are easy to work with and sew together. 

Quilts with the hexagon pattern give off that bold, beautiful, and traditional vibe. It provides the timeless picture that makes quilts well-loved by everyone.

Triangle Pattern

Triangles quilts are another classic pattern that almost everyone loves. Much like the hexagon design, it is also beginner-friendly, that is, if people want to sew their own quilts.

There are different types of triangle patterns to choose from, such as the isosceles and equilateral triangles. But no matter what kind is preferred, triangles always bring a traditional yet modern vibe that’s perfect for today’s generation.

Alphabet Pattern

Whether the whole alphabet is preferred or a custom word is someone’s thing, letters make a great pattern for quilts. An alphabet quilt can even be hung on the walls as an added décor. On the other hand, quilts with custom words bring a personalized effect that can turn a bedroom into a person’s very own sanctuary. 


Squares may be outdated. But this shape that comes in various sizes and colors on a quilt is out to steal the spotlight. It is both old school and modern, a contradiction that will leave people wanting more of it.

Mix and Match

When modern quilt designs are preferred, a mix and match of different shapes is always a hit. Combining geometric blocks of different sizes and colors and other shapes will result in a contemporary picture that will capture attention and bring the wow factor into any room, not just the bedroom.

Minimalist Patterns

With the way many people and their lifestyle have become minimalist, designs have also become the same. It is no wonder simple lines and bold colors are the trend these days.

One example of such design is the Maypole pattern, where half square triangles are rotated to show a vibrant style. Two to three colors of the same shade are used to get a 3D effect that is unique but simple at the same time.


Quilts not only provide warmth at night. With the right patterns and designs, they can be the standout piece that bedrooms, or any room, needs to be stylish and chic.

But choosing a quilt will still always depend on the user. While many are currently head over heels about modern quilt patterns and bold colors, others still love the traditional designs that make them timeless.

And whether people choose bambi quilts over Downia and others, the comfort and style they provide are always the top factors being considered.

So, in the search for the perfect quilt that will make nights warm and sleep better, people should use a holistic approach. From the size, thickness, fabric and design, careful thought is needed to arrive at the best quilt choice.

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