Signs Your Eyes Are Showing You It’s Time To See the Optometrist

Sydney, having the best of both worlds with its suburban and city life, makes it an ideal place to admire and lay your eyes on. But, how can you take in all this beauty if your vision’s too blurry?

If you are around the North of Sydney, going to your regional optometrist at Macquarie Centre near Macquarie Park would be a wise choice so you could have the whole local Australian experience. 

If you are unsure whether it is time to have your eyes checked by a Macquarie centre optometrist, below are some signs to look out for.

You have blurry vision.

If you find yourself squinting so you can see more clearly, your eyesight is deteriorating. You cannot read street signs and see your surroundings if you have blurry vision. 

If you experience this symptom, you should schedule an eye exam soon, or better yet, visit your trusted eye clinic immediately to get your eyes checked by going to your regional optometrist.

You are experiencing eye pain.

Suppose you have sudden eye pain in one or both eyes. In that case, seek medical care as soon as possible. 

It could be a sign of a more dangerous condition such as closed-angle glaucoma, corneal abrasion, inflammation inside the eye, or even infection.

You see flashes of light.

Seeing flashes of light out of the blue is unusual, so you should seek medical treatment right away if this happens. 

These light flashes that you are suddenly seeing might be an indication of a torn or detached retina. 

The sooner you seek medical help, the more likely your doctors can repair damage to your retina. Furthermore, suddenly seeing random flashes of light might be a sign of an ocular migraine. 

In that case, seeing your doctor would be best as they can prescribe you proper medication for your migraines.

You are experiencing frequent headaches.

While headaches are normal, frequent headaches are not. 

One of the many possible causes of a headache is a vision problem. If you are frequently experiencing headaches together with eye trouble or blurry vision, you might be experiencing a medical condition called astigmatism.

Astigmatism makes it hard for the eyes to focus because of distorted and incompatible curvature in your eye’s lens or cornea. A headache is triggered when your eye muscles are strained from trying to overcome the blurry vision.

If you suffer from persistent headaches and obstruct your daily activities, scheduling an eye exam and having your eyes checked by a Macquarie centre optometrist would be best to assess your eye health.

These eye care professionals will determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are due to astigmatism or other vision problems.

You experience sensitivity to light.

While too much light is undeniably bothersome, being bothered by a bit of light and glare is not normal.
If you experience sensitivity to light, you should consider seeing your optometrist, as this symptom could be a subtle sign of cataracts.

Furthermore, other warning signs of cataracts include blurred or cloudy vision, night blindness, double vision in one eye, and perceiving halos neighbouring lights. 

Light sensitivity could also be an indication of severe inflammation inside the eye or ocular migraine. Because you cannot personally know this for sure, it is best to have your eyes checked by your optometrist for confirmation. 

In essence, as soon as you experience unusual eye discomfort, seeing your trusted optometrist would be a wise choice as they have the proper knowledge and the right pieces of equipment to determine the underlying causes of your eye problems. 

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