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Cricket is one of those sports where no one can predict the result until the end. The game is completely unpredicted and one can never know what might happen on the last ball. Also, it is one of those games where tables can be turned in anytime in the game.

The unpredictability and the pressure that is there on the player have made cricket one of the most viewed sports in the country. There are very few sports that are viewed by a very large population around the world. Cricket has one of the biggest fans following among other sports.

World Best Finisher In T20 Cricket is also not an easy sport. Bowling, batting, and fielding, all three are tough and one has to have a lot of skills and hard work to make a career in cricket. Also, there is a lot of pressure on the players as you never know what might happen at the next ball.

In such a critical condition, those who show their brilliant performance are the ones known as finishers. Finishers are those who don’t get nervous under the pressure and lose their cool. They are calm and steal the game from the opposite team with their performance. We will be discussing 10 of such finishers in history.

Top 10 Finisher In Cricket

10. Javed Miandad – Javed Miandad is a former Pakistani player and was considered one of the greatest batsmen of their time. He has a unique playing technique and a very controlled batting attribute. He had a great range which helped the Pakistani team win many matches between 1975 to 1996. Also, Miandad has won more matches for Pakistan than any other player that has played for Pakistan.  He was part of the playing line-up in 1992 in which Pakistan won the World Cup. As was considered as the best batsman, he had a lot of pressure on him, still, he hit 3 half-centuries and helped his team winning the World Cup title.

9. Jos Buttler – Next is the English star player Jos Buttler. Jos Buttler has proved himself by showing outstanding performance in all three formats of the game. Also, the way he handles pressure and hit maximums even in the death pavers is outstanding.  Buttler was also the vice-captain of the England cricket team in 2019 for the World Best Finisher In T20. England won their first World Cup title that year. He is also the captain of the Rajasthan Royals team in IPL. Buttler holds the record of hitting the fastest century in ODI by any English player.

8. Michael Hussey – Next on the list is a great batsman from Australia. Hussey is a left-handed batsman and an outstanding finisher. Although he started his international carrier a little late, he is still becoming one of the best that Australian cricket ever produced. In his debut test series, he scored one run in the first innings and 29 in the second. However, he hit centuries in the next two. Hussey was the guy who got the win for his team in the worst situations.

7. Lance Klusener – Lance Klusener is a former South African player who showed his brilliant performances with both ball and bat. He has helped his team winning matches a lot. Still, he was one of the most underrated players in history. In the 1991 World Best Finisher In T20, he was awarded Man of the tournament. He showed his best performances in ODI cricket. He was a very powerful hitter and was also the most feared one.

6. Viv Richards – Viv Richard was one of the best players to perform in test cricket. He was a fit guy and the way he handled bowlers was exceptional. He was able to change the results of the game with a bat. He was the most reliable player for the West Indies team of the time. In a four-match test series against England in 1996, Viv scored 829 runs. In one match at the Oval, he hit 291. He scored more than 36000 runs in his career including the highest ever ODI score by a player, 189*.

5. Michael Bevan – Michael Bevan, the left-hand former batsman from the Australian cricket team was one of the best finishers that we have ever seen. Also, Bevan played for Australia in 3 World Cups out of which, they won two in 1999 and 2003. Unfortunately, his test career did not last much longer. Unfortunately. Due to multiple injuries, he took retirement in 2007.

4. Shahid Afridi – On the 4th position, we have the Pakistani fame Shahid Afridi. Afridi is the most successful player on the Pakistani cricket team. He was a hard-hitting batsman and an unstoppable one. His hard-hitting skills got many titles for Pakistan. In his debut ODI match, Afridi a century in just 37 balls which is still a record, not one has beaten. He was 17 that time and he hit the massive century with 6 fours and 11 sixes.

3. Abdul Razzaq – Another Pakistani player, Abdul Razzaq is also a great finisher. Razzak has turned the results of many matches sideways with his hitting skills. Also, he still holds the record of hitting most sixes in a single ODI match. Not only his batting but his bowling skills were also brilliant. He took a hat-trick against Sri Lanka in 2000. He was part of Pakistan’s playing line-up in ICC World T20 where the Pakistan team won.

2. Ab De Villers – Another South African legend, De Villers is undoubtedly one of the best finishers that we have ever seen. No matter what the situations are, De Villers can play and he can score big. There is no such thing as pressure for De Villers. Also, De Villers is one of the few players who can hit the ball anywhere on the field. De Villers is always the best choice for the team to play in the death overs. De Villers can turn the tables any time and one can never predict the results until he is on the crease.


1. MS Dhoni – Dhoni is considered to be the best finisher in cricket currently. With his World Cup-winning six in 2011 against Sri Lanka, he became the best finisher that day. Also, we have never seen Dhoni feeling pressure or shouting at his teammates. He can be seen as cool and calm even in the worst situation ever. He was always confident about his potential and that’s the reason he has helped the Indian team winning many matches and series. Under Dhoni’s leadership. Indian team topped the ICC’s top World Best Finisher In T20 team list.

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