Best Bowling Figures In T20

In cricket, all three formats of game Best Bowling Figures In T20, One Day Internationals, and Test Series are fun to watch. However, playing in the shortest format of the game is quite challenging for platers as the batsmen have to score more and more runs in just 20 overs.

Also, it becomes hard for bowlers too as they also have to stop batsmen and take their wickets in fewer overs. As there are fewer overs, batsmen try to hit the maximums rather than saving their wicket as they don’t have much time to wait.

The aggressive nature of batsmen gets challenging for bowlers as they couldn’t afford many runs in their overs. The bowlers get a lot of pressure as they have to stop batsmen from scoring many runs and also take wickets. We have seen a lot of talented and skilled players who have shown a great performance even in such critical conditions and have taken big wickets under pressure.

Top 10 Best Bowling Figures In T20 International Cricket

10. Ankush Nanda – Ankush Nanda is an all-rounder who plays for Luxembourg. In 2009, Luxembourg was playing against Turkey in Continental Cup. In the match, Ankush Nanda single-handedly took the game with his powerful performance. Nanda took 5 wickets for 6 runs in the game chic helped the Luxembourg team take down the whole turkey team at a score of just 28 runs in 11 overs. Luxembourg easily won the match in 3 overs.

9. Umar Gul – Umar Gul is a name that a large number of cricket fans might have heard. He is a Pakistani bowler who took half of the South African team out in 2013. It was the second match of Pakistan’s tour of South Africa. Pakistan team scored 195 runs in 20 overs by batting first. Thanks to Umar Gul, South Africa got all out in 12 overs at the score of 100 runs. Gul took 5 wickets for 6 runs in the match.

8. Umar Gul – the Pakistani bowler has taken the game single-handedly for more than once. In the ICC World T20 league in 2009, Gul took 5 wickets for 6 runs against New Zealand. The New Zealand team could only score 99 runs in 20 over which Pakistan easily chased in 13 overs. Gul is a brilliant player and many a time, he has shown his true potential in games.

7. Pedro Arrighi – Pedro Arrighi is a player from Argentina. In 2019’s South American Men’s Championship, an interesting match was played between Argentina and Brazil. The match duration was reduced to 18 overs due to rain. Argentina scored 105 runs with a loss of 9 wickets in the game. Though it was a low score, Argentina has Pedro to the rescue. Pedro took 5 wickets for 4 runs in the match and stopped the Brazil team at 76 runs. After such a great performance by Pedro, it was an easy win for Argentina.

6. Rashid Khan – the young bowling sensation in the world, there is no doubt Rashid Khan made it to the list. In a match between Afghanistan and Ireland, Rashid Khan took 5 wickets for 3 runs in the match which helped the Afghani team win the match by 19 runs. In just 2 overs, Khan took 5 wickets. Initially, the Afghanistan team chose to bat and scored 184 runs. However, with the D/L method, Ireland just needed to score 113 runs to win the match. With such a brilliant performance of Rashid, Afghanistan won the match.

5. Rangana Herath – Rangana is a former spin bowler from the Sri Lankan team and also a former captain of the Sri Lankan Test team. Herath is one of the most successful bowlers in the history of Test Cricket. In 2014’s ICC World T20 Cup, Sri Lanka scored 199 runs against New Zealand. However, Rangana was there to help the team. He took 5 wickets for 3 runs in the match which helped the Sri Lankan team win the match by 139 runs. With such an impressive show by Rangana Herath, the Sri Lankan team took out the whole New Zealand team at 60 runs.

4. Yuzvendra Chahal – On the fourth position, we have an Indian player. Yuzvendra Chahal is a right-hand bowler who is one of the key players of the Indian team. It was a Best Bowling Figures In T20 series between India and England in 2017. Indian team scored 202 runs in 20 overs with a loss of six wickets. In the second innings, Chahal showed his brilliant performance by taking 6 wicks for 25 runs. After such a great performance, the England team was restricted at 127 runs.

3. Ajantha Mendes – The Sri Lankan star player has shown great performances many a time in history. He has helped Sri Lanka winning many matches. In a T20 match against Australia, Sri Lanka scored 157 runs in 20 overs. The target was not a huge one and looked like an easy win for Australia. However, they did not expect that Mendes would turn the tables around. Mendes took 6 wickets for 16 runs in the match which restricted the Australian team to 149 runs. It was an interesting match and a more interesting win for Sri Lanka.

2. Ajantha Mendes – One more time, Ajantha Mendes showed incredible performance in history. It was a Best Bowling Figures In T20 match against Zimbabwe. Sri Lankan team scored 182 runs by batting first. In the second innings, Sri Lanka took Zimbabwe out at 100 runs. With the help of Ajantha Mendes, the win became easy for Sri Lanka. Mendes took 6 wickets for 8 runs in the match.


1. Deepak Chahar – Chahar is an all-rounder who plays from India in International cricket. In a match against Bangladesh in 2019, Chahar took 6 wickets in the match for just 7 runs. The match took place in Nagpur. India team scored 174 runs with a loss of 5 wickets in the match by batting first.

However, with the fantastic performance by Chahar, the India team took who Bangladesh line-up at 110 runs. Chahar set the World record by taking 6 wickets for 7 runs and also got the Man of the Match award. There is no bowling figure better than this.

So, who is your favorite bowler among these 10?

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