Which IPL Team Has Most Fans In 2022

The Super Kings from Chennai is without a doubt the franchise with the most fan base and brand value. The IPL’s most dependable team, CSK, has four trophies to its name. The supporters are as passionate about their team as the management is about their players.

The Indian Premier League was established in 2008, and it has seen incredible success since then. Since the IPL ushered in a new age of cricket, cricket can simply be separated into two historical periods: “Before IPL” and “After IPL.”

In addition to the goodwill it has generated, the IPL has helped to close the gap between the public and cricket through a variety of fan interaction tools. Social media and the IPL have also always worked well together.

The inaugural season of the Indian Premier League took place in 2008, and it has been a huge success ever since. As a new era of cricket began along with the IPL, cricket can easily be divided into two time periods, “Before IPL” and “After IPL.”

Along with the goodwill, it has generated, the IPL has helped to close the gap between cricket and the general public through a variety of fan engagement platforms. Additionally, social media and the IPL have always worked best together.

Chennai Super Kings

chennai super kings

Super Kings from Chennai has the most fans and brand value of any franchise. CSK is one of the most dependable teams in the IPL, having won four trophies so far. As passionate about their team as their players, the supporters are as dedicated to their team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the one person who has carried the team to success throughout the years on his shoulders. He is almost like an adopted son of Chennai because of his devotion to the club. Through thick and thin, the “yellow” supporters have remained loyal to their side.

Royal Challengers Bangalore


At the #12thManTakeover event held at Jayamahal Palace in Bengaluru on Thursday, Royal Challengers Bangalore supporters set a new Guinness World Record for the most runs completed between the wickets (May 19).

On a 22-yard cricket field that was built up at the location, 187 RCB supporters ran a total of 823 runs to set a new record.

Notably, RCB is the first T20 team to rank among the top ten global teams on social media. With these events, the Bangalore franchise has always emphasized providing their fans with a fun and imaginative experience.

This one, however, went above and beyond the others since major sports figures such as Dutee Chand (Asian Games Medallist) and Rupinder Pal Singh (Olympic Bronze Medallist – Hockey player) were present to witness the new world record.

“We constantly strive to bring our 12th man army closer to the game, from the jersey to the stands. We are pleased to see that our partner is bringing this idea to life on May 19 in Bengaluru through an original and special on-ground activity “VP and Head of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajesh Menon, remarked.

The 12th Man Army, as the fan base is commonly referred to, sported an RCB shirt while setting the record while dressed in cricket attire. As their club attempts to earn a postseason position, supporters also celebrated RCB’s victory over the Gujarat Titans in addition to the world record.

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