2021 Asia Cup Is Officially Postponed To 2023

The cricketing event Asia Cup is officially postponed to 2023 because the Asian Cricket Council didn’t find a suitable calendar for this tournament’s matches in 2021. The surge of the Corona Virus also played a role in the postponement of the Asian event this year.

The tournament was moved from Pakistan to Sri Lanka in 2021. But Sri Lanka also had some rise in the COVID 19 cases, which led to the cancellation of this year’s tournament in the island nation.

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, the top four Asian countries, have a packed FTP – Future Tour Program, and they will not find time to play the Asia Cup this year.

The ACC – Asian Cricket Council has given a statement saying that The board members of ACC have considered the matter very carefully. They have decided to postpone the tournament because that is the only way ahead.

With Asia Cup already being played next year in 2022, this year Asia Cup will be postponed to 2023, and there is no other option. The dates of the 2023 Asia Cup tournament will be announced very soon.  

The Asia Cup 2021 event would have been played in the shortest format before the World T20 later this year. The ICC mega event in the T20 format will be played from October to November.

The Asia Cup has not been played since 2018. India is the only Asian country that has won the most titles till now, and they have also won the last two editions of this tournament.

The Asia Cup was also planned last year. But due to the Corona Virus threat and pandemic, that year’s tournament also got postponed. The Asia Cricket Council members are facing risks to hosting the tournament due to the pandemic. That is why they had to postpone the Asia Cup event in 2020 and 2021.

The ACC members are trying to work things out with the countries, players, and stakeholders to host the event this year. But that is also not happening because of the tight schedule of the top four countries, and the pandemic is the main reason for it.

The Asia Cup is a tournament where the Asian teams play to decide the king of Asia in the world of cricket. This tournament started in the ODI format, and now it is also being played in the shortest format. The tournament is played after every two, just like the cricket world cup is played every four years.     

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