Sourav Ganguly Thanks Players For Commitment To IPL Success


Hello Cricfann! This time we have got the news of all praises and acknowledgement.

Afterall, who doesn’t like to be praised

And when it comes to cricket, seems the motivation factor is the inspiring words specially from the captions.

Having said that, Saurav Ganguly showed his gratitude to all the all the players for participating enthusiastically in the Indian premier league and making the competition a big success. 

Dada also praised each and every player for putting efforts and performing to the best of their potential in this IPL.

Furthermore, let us get into more details!

A successful tournament:

Even after this rough patch of 4-5 months, every cricket fan should be thankful to the BCCI and its president Sourav Ganguly for conducting the IPL in UAE very successfully. 

We witnessed tremendous cricket over the past 2 months and everyone enjoyed watching their favorite players coming back on the pitch. 

This has now set a great platform for players to return to their national sides with proper practice and get going.

Final words:

Well, the world of sports had to go through a hard time in maintaining their fitness throughout the pandemic situation and hence a positive word from captions and experts really worth the deal for young players of the team.

Having said that, we are certain that gratitude of dad will certainly brings up the high spirit among players and keep them going in the game.