‘Hanuma Vihari murdered cricket’ – Babul Supriyo’s terrible tweet on Indian cricketer stimulates anger


On the ultimate day of the third Test to take on Australia, Indian batsman Hanuma Vihari, accompanied by elder Indian spinner Ashwin, exhibited again why Test cricket is valued as the best and greatly difficult aspect of cricket as the two batsmen successfully acquired an outstanding draw for skipper, Ajinkya Rahane & team. 

With maximum cricketers having endured wounds, to create consequences terrible, Vihari strived with twitches relatively ahead in his innings on the ultimate day and could hardly jog. Then too, he batted for 161 balls, a statement on twitter from Union Minister Babul Supriyo provoked anger on social media.

Provided the conditions, with all the batsmen dismissed, it was further crucial for the guests to conserve the game. That’s exactly what Vihari accomplished as he confronted 161 balls and marked mere 23 runs. Nonetheless, Supriyo criticised the Indian cricketer for his quiet strategy and told Hanuma Vihari had ‘murdered cricket’ by achieving only 7 runs off the initial 109 deliveries he confronted.

Facing 109 deliveries to mark 7 runs!That is horrible to explain the least. Vihari has not just destroyed any odds for India to attain a memorable victory but has furthermore massacred Cricket.. not retaining victory a choice, even if remotely, is immoral.

Then he added postscript on his tweet saying the he realises he doesn’t know anything about cricket.

In his justification, Supriyo expanded that if Vihari had slammed just poor deliveries for boundaries, India may have got on on to earn victory in the Test game.

Supriyo’s statement on Vihari established a big anger on social media as cricket enthusiasts expected him to concentrate on politics.


Indian skipper, Ajinkya Rahane had surge of applause for Ashwin and Vihari’s rescue as the two batted for two and an added half hours to conserve the Test match for the guests.

He stated that they realized they had to seize it single session at once, they were not speculating about our mark. Chetwshwar Pujara and Rishabh Pant performed extremely adequately for the team, however, as soon as they they got dismissed, unfortunately, Hanuma Vihari underwent the wound and as a result, he had to play with a specific strategy. Praise to all the players for the means they performed and this senses as nice as a victory. 

What are your opinions of Hanuma Vihari’s knock, do post your ideas about the same and stay tuned.


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