Top 10 Finishers In Cricket History: Detailed Statistics

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known for being one of the Best Finishers In World Cricket History. Captain-cool MS Dhoni has been the driving force behind India’s run-chases in ODIs since he emerged as a brave finisher (ODIs).

Numerous Indian matches have been successful under his leadership, including his career-best 183 not out and the game-changing World Cup final score of 91.

These are incredible stats, and they show his supremacy in run-chase situations. He has played in 49 of the 62 games India has successfully chased down totals. He has never been beaten in 30 of those middle-of-the-pack hits.

Except for a few final-innings cameos, he has played quite a few innings when he has soaked up the pressure and led India to victory.

In addition to the number of no-hitters, his batting average stands out. -104.89 demonstrate his ability to close off games consistently.

Dhoni has the most significant average among batters who have played in at least 20 successful innings, putting him ahead of veterans like Michael Hussey and Michael Bevan.

Top 10 Best Finishers In Cricket History

S.NoBest FinisherCountryStrike Rate
1MS DhoniIndiaT20- 87.6
ODI- 126.1
2AB De VilliersSouth AfricaT20- 135.2
ODI- 101.1
3Abdul RazzaqPakistanT20- 116.62
ODI- 81.25
4Shahid AfridiPakistanT20- 150
ODI- 117
5Michael BevanAustraliaODI- 117
6Viv RichardsWest IndiesODI- 90.2
7Lance KlusenerSouth AfricaODI-89.92
8Michael HusseyAustraliaT20- 136.29
ODI- 87.17
9Jos ButtlerEnglandT20- 139.8
ODI- 118.7
10Javed MiandadPakistanODI-67.01

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni: The World’s Best Finisher

best finisher in the world

Dhoni is arguably cricket’s World’s Best Finisher, and we’ll begin our countdown with his name at the top. Several times for his country and the Chennai Super Kings, the former Indian captain has accomplished this feat.

Despite his retirement from international cricket at 40, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is still giving his best for the Chennai Super Kings. Although he batted at the bottom of the order, he managed to rack up 10,000+ ODI runs. Indian legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a clear choice for number one on our list because of his heroics in the 2011 Cricket World Cup final.

2. Ab De Villiers: South Africa’s Best Finisher

Ab De Villiers

AB de Villiers was another outstanding professional who batted with the coolness of an iceberg. The South African batsman has been dubbed “Mr. 360” because of his batting prowess, making him one of the best finishers in cricket.

All-time leading runscorer for South Africa AB de Villiers has racked up almost 19,000 for the national team in all formats between 2004 and 2018.

At his peak, the batsman was the only batsman in the world who averaged more than 50 and had a strike rate of more than 100 at the same time. The Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman made a name for himself in the IPL, but he has now announced his retirement from the game.

3. Abdul Razzaq: Best Finisher From Pakistan

Best Finishers In World Cricket History

In cricket, he’s one of the world’s best all-rounders. For his ability to bat and bowl, Abdul Razzaq is one of cricket’s finest players. One of cricket’s best finishers is this player. Despite this, his long-range shooting is one of his most valuable skills. In the closing over’s, he could take down any attack and score runs.

This right-handed slugger wanted to show off his skills at the end of an inning. He is among the most lethal around when it comes to batters in Pakistani baseball. After just 11 balls, Abdul Razzaq scored 47 runs in a 2005 game against England. His attempt to break the 50-second barrier was thwarted, though.

4. Shahid Afridi: Best Finisher From Pakistan

Best Finishers In World Cricket History

Shahid Afridi’s “Boom Boom” is the best way to describe what he used to do in international cricket! The Pakistani batsman, considered by many to be the World’s Best Finisher, would get going from the first ball! Afridi was at his best in one-day internationals, having hit 10,000 runs in all forms.

Every competition you can think of has seen the Pakistani all-rounder come out on top in one way or another. However, Shahid Afridi’s major flaw was his inability to maintain consistency throughout his career. The batsman may have been number one with more consistency in his form.

5. Michael Bevan: Best Finisher From Australia

Best Finishers In World Cricket History

Bevan, a middle-order batsman from Australia, was the best one-day international cricketer. That’s what we’re saying because Bevan has been an excellent finisher for Australia for most of his career, and that’s what ODIs are all about. He was a man of considerable physical prowess.

Many of his innings in one-day internationals will go down in history. Bevan’s position on our list of cricket’s top finishers is challenging to pin down, but the data are in his favor.

6. Vivian Richards: Best Finisher From West Indies

Best Finishers In World Cricket History
FormatRunsMatchesHighest Average

It’s safe to say Vivian Richards was the first gangster when it came to close off games. During his heyday, the West Indian player was a household name! During his 18-year career, from 1974 to 1991, he racked up more than 15,000 hits.

The West Indian was treated like a “superstar” because of his hitting prowess. Even though Vivian Richards was part of a bygone age, he had a 90 ODI cricket strike rate. The reason he’s on our list of the greatest finishers is apparent.

7. Lance Klusenar: Best Finisher From South Africa

Best Finishers In World Cricket History
FormatRunsMatchesHighest Average

Like Hussey, this player bats with the left side of the bat. Lance Klusenar is widely regarded as one of cricket’s best all-rounders. By scoring runs with such clarity of mind, he was able to bring life back into dormant games.

Due to his impressive skill set, he’s also one of the finest finishers in the game. In 49 matches, he scored 179 runs and took 64 wickets at an average of 8/64, making him the best bowler in the history of test cricket.

There have been 49 matches in which his average of 8.64 wickets per innings has averaged 1,906 runs, and he has scored 174 runs. At an average of 41.1, he scored 3,576 runs in 171 one-day internationals with a top score of 103 and took an impressive 192 wickets, with 6/49 as his best bowling performance.

8. Michael Hussey: Australia’s Best Finisher In Test Matches.

Best Finishers In World Cricket History

After Bevan’s retirement, Michael Hussey, who replaced Michael Bevan as Australia’s leading scorer, never let the country miss their last finisher. Michael Hussey, known as “Mr. Cricket” because of his calm demeanor and extensive cricket knowledge, was a World Best Finisher.

Under duress, the Australian middle-order batsman was outstanding. For the Chennai Super Kings, Hussey was given the opening berth because of his exceptional ability to bat.

He was unquestionably the best at what he did in his country. The Australian national squad has missed Michael Hussey’s poise after his retirement, having amassed over 12,000 international runs.

9. Jos Buttler: Best Finisher From England

Best Finishers In World Cricket History

In recent years, the England batsman has developed into a star on the international stage and in the more minor leagues where he plays. With his ability to close out games, Jos Buttler has made a name for himself across all game formats.

Jos Buttler’s ODI and Test Cricket strike rates of 118 and 141, respectively, are tributes to his abilities. England’s batsman is undoubtedly one of the World’s Best Finishers in modern cricket, as evidenced by his performance in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup victory. Having a few more years in him, Jos Butler has a good chance of making a list.

10. Javed Miandad: Best Finisher From Pakistan

Best Finishers In World Cricket History
FormatRunsMatchesHighest Average

Javed Miandad, another great, too adopted the finisher’s role. The former Pakistan batsman represented his country with distinction throughout a career spanning more than two decades. Miandad began playing for the team in 1975 and was an essential member until his retirement in 1996.

As evidence of Javed Miandad’s batting brilliance, he has more than 16,000 international runs. When Javed Miandad batted in the middle of the order, he was famous for his brutal hits that baffled the bowlers. This was especially true when he was in the middle of the order.


The names of the top ten cricket finishers in the world are listed above. We hope this article will allow you to better comprehend the World’s Best Finishers.

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