Top 5 Best Cricket Shoes For Fast Bowlers

In order to win a match, skill is the most important thing that you need as a cricketer.

However, a cricketer needs to have other equipment so he can play a match without any disturbance.

Cricket shoes are one of those important pieces of equipment. Therefore, we are going to discuss the best cricket shoes for fast bowlers today.

A fast bowler needs to cover his or her feet to protect them from injury during a match.

Also, comfort is another thing that you should look for in your bowling shoes.

That is why they must look for a perfect pair of shoes for them. So, here are the 5 best cricket shoes for fast bowlers that you should definitely check out.

Payntr Bodyline 225 Bowling Cricket Shoes

Best Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers

Many cricketers consider Payntr Bodyline 225 Bowling cricket shoes one of the best cricket shoes for fast bowlers.

What cricketers like the most in this product is its classic, yet sleek design. For those who do like to wear bright colors, these shoes will fit them like magic.

They come in red branding with white and black trim.

The Payntr Bodyline shoes are made with top collars and EVA midsole so that they will be able to protect your ankles and be breathable and lightweight as well.

Adidas Adipower Vector 20

Adidas Adipower Vector 20

Another cricket shoe that you can choose as a fast bowler blindly is the Adidas Adipower Vector 20.

Its outsole is made with extra spikes that will give your feet and ankle extra protection.

Besides, you will see a beveled heel for extra comfort while your feet are landing on the ground.

This product is lightweight and breathable. All these features make it one of the best cricket shoes for fast bowlers.

Kookaburra KCS 2000 Spikes

Kookaburra KCS 2000 Spikes

Kookaburra KCS 2000 shoes are professionally built with extra spikes for those who bowl really fast.

The outer portion of this product is developed with a special polymer so that it can provide great stability to fast bowlers.

Besides, in order to enhance the stability of the bowler and increase air circulation, the design of the Thermo Heel counter is added to these shoes.

The developers keep in mind the comfort of the bowlers as well.

So, they have chosen the material for the shoe with care and added extra cushioning to the shoes. This will protect the ankles and the feet of the bowlers.

Puma 19.1 Bowling Cricket Shoes

Puma 19.1 Bowling Cricket Shoes

Puma 19.1 Bowling Shoes are absolutely amazing when it comes to fast bowlers. While the other shoes have only ankle protection features, this product includes both ankle top protection and a center strap support as well.

Puma 19.1 Bowling Shoes are developed with a flat heel. That is why you will be able to force the bottom more than ever while you are bowling during a match.

The extra spikes and the traction on the pair will provide you with extra comfort. All these features of this shoe will boost your confidence and you can concentrate on your actions.

Just like other shoes that are discussed above, this product is also breathable, comfortable, and of course, lightweight.

This product is a bit costly but it is really worth buying for a long period.

New Balance CK4040 L4 Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK4040 L4 Cricket Shoes

Made with 11 studs and a high-top collar, New Balance CK4040 L4 cricket shoes are worth buying.

These shoes are excellent for the stability of the bowler, traction, and a better grip. When it comes to giving extra support, no product can’t compete with New Balance CK4040 L4 as it is made with a mid-strap that gives you support when you are running fast.

On the other hand, when it comes to pricing, New Balance CK4040 L4 is more pocket-friendly.

Therefore, if you consider purchasing this shoe, you will be able to get a nice product within your budget.

Here are our top 5 best cricket shoes for fast bowlers. But what makes them best for fast bowlers. Check out the given sections below.

Our Testing Criteria For Fast Bowling Shoes

There are some criteria that these products have to fulfill in order to be the best shoes for fast bowlers. Here they are.

  • Traction

Traction actually indicates the grip on the ground while the bowler is running fast. It also includes the friction that the feet of the bowler follow around the cricket pitch.

These shoes are made in such a way that they will be able to provide you with a grip as well as a delicate balance while chasing the ball or running on the ground.

  • Spike and Stability

The more the shoes have spikes, the more you will feel the grip on the ground. This is when you will feel comfortable wearing the shoe and you will be able to run fast.

All these shoes are developed with extra spikes so that you can feel stable, even if you notice heavy moisture on the ground.

  • Cushioning

Cushioning will provide the fast bowlers with extra comfort. When you feel comfortable, this will enhance your ability to bowl fast and chase the ball faster than ever.

Cushioning will also protect your ankles and feet from any kind of injury.

All these above-mentioned products are built with extra cushioning to increase the comfort as well as the protection of the feet and ankles.

  • Arch Support and Toe Space

There is a chance that your feet may be rubbed dangerously if your toes remain very close to the shoe during a cricket match.

Arch support is another necessary thing that you need while you are bowling very fast.

These products are developed in such a way that they will be able to provide you with these two things together during the match.

  • Reasonable to Pocket

Keeping all your needs in mind, developers have developed these shoes in a way that they remain sustainable and a quality product for a long period. You won’t have to change the shoes after using them for a few months.

Best Cricket Shoes for the Batsman

As bowlers and batsmen have different roles to play, the shoes they put on have to be different.

While choosing the perfect shoes for the batsmen, you have to keep in mind the threat the ball may create to the batter.

Keeping in mind all these things, here are the best cricket shoes for batsmen.

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Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Batting Shoes

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Batting Shoes

This shoe is developed with extra cushioning, high-quality foam, and an upper and midsole. This shoe is breathable and lightweight and the extra spikes provide you with the perfect grip on the surface.

Payntr X MK3 Pimple Spike Shoes

Payntr X MK3 Pimple Spike Shoes

The name itself suggests that Payntr X MK3 is built with the extra spike to provide extra grip.

The upper portion of this shoe is developed with strong polyurethane.

You can have in-built toe protection and anti-roll arch insoles with these products. This shoe is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Adidas 22 YDS Batting Shoes

Adidas 22 YDS Batting Shoes

Along with its unique design, you will get extra comfort and protection with these shoes, especially at the forefront area.

The insole is designed in such a way that it will decrease the stress on the joints and the tissues.

So, you will be able to get more stability and comfort upon wearing this shoe.

Newbery Performance Shoes with Spike

Newbery Performance Shoes with Spike

Want a stylish yet comfortable shoe to wear? If yes, then go for the Newbery Performance Shoes with Spike.

This is lightweight and gives you the best midfoot support and an amazing grip on the surface.

The insole of this shoe is compression-molded so that it can protect the feet from injury and shock.

The outsole is highly durable and properly compatible with the spikes. You can play easily on wet ground while wearing this shoe.

Best Cricket Shoes For Fast Bowlers Without Spikes

Well, shoes that do not have spikes on them may not provide the fast bowlers with that much grip.

However, other than the spikes, you can have the same features that you get shoes with spikes.

Here are some of the best cricket shoes for fast bowlers without spikes.

  • Asics Gel Speed Menace Cricket Shoes
  • Asics Lethal Field Men’s Cricket Shoes
  • Puma 22 FH Cricket Shoes with Rubber
  • Adidas Men Trainers Cricup 21
  • Asics Gel Gully 6

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To Sum It Up

Along with talent and skills, a cricketer will need the proper equipment to practice or play a match without any injuries. So, they can’t just pick random shoes for them.

All these shoes are made with high-quality materials, especially for fast bowlers. So, pick any and play like a pro. All the best!

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