Why Imran Khwaja, former President of Singapore cricket association should Be ICC’s Chairperson


The ICC (International Cricket Council) is going through tough times as things are changing a lot lately. Shashank Manohar the chairperson of ICC who was elected for the same in 2015 has left his position as chairperson.

This decision of his came into effect three months ago. Moreover,  due to the current situation, the process of nomination of a new person and the date for an appointment has not been decided yet.

ICC has a huge problem of conflict of interest states the Chairman of Pakistan’s Cricket Board, Ehsan Mani. During such awful times, ICC couldn’t even get through or consent on even fundamental matters.

As the current situation doesn’t allow a large gathering of people, the date of the upcoming meeting is still undecided.  There are few official candidates for the position who are willing to acquire the post.

One of them is Dave Cameron who has named himself as a candidate for the post, however, the odds of him acquiring the same are very thin. Earlier, Colin Graves was asked for the same, however, again odds are pretty less as he doesn’t have much support among the members of the board. 


Until the post is acquired by someone. The interim Chairperson is elected who is Imran Khwaja, the former President of the Singapore Cricket Association. Everyone is unaware of how effective the interim chairperson he is. Even though he has pretty good support among the board members, he could face some resistance from the Indian Governing body.  

In Manohar’s reign, he has had a good working connection with the BCCI. However, he has got some resistance from them over someone who is not a full member. 

However, the Former President of the Singapore Cricket Association looks like the one who could assist ICC through these tough times. He has been working hard being in the ICC boards for a long time. 

As he has support among the board members he could run ICC without any opposition. The man has the capability to assist ICC out of the impact caused by the epidemic. 


And the present situation of ICC asks for the same person. The one who could assist it and shape the sport much better.  So, the former President of the Singapore cricket association, Imran Khwaja could be the one to doing so as he fits for the post. 

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