Why Cricket Is Not In Olympics

Cricket is one game which we love to watch and play. We all want it to be included in the Olympics but there are several reasons for it being omitted from the Olympics.

We shall discuss these in detail but before that, I have good news for all ardent cricket lovers- there has been talking in the town about including cricket in the 2028 Olympics. Now let’s understand what the Olympics are and why cricket is excluded from it to date.

Olympics are the leading international sporting event presenting summer and winter sports competitions in which athletes from around the world participate. Held every four years alternating between summer and winters every two years in four year period it is an elite sports competition with more than 200 nations participating.

The fact that cricket has a huge fan base but is still not a part of the Olympics forces us to find the reason for it not being a part of the Olympics.

Though cricket has a huge fan base around the globe only 105 countries play it while only 10-12 teams show up in the World cup, lack of entrants in the Olympics leads to cricket being missing from the event.

Cricket’s Only Appearance In Olympics

It’s not true that cricket never appeared in Olympics, it did centuries ago. It appeared in Summer Olympics in 1900 in Paris with only men’s contest played between England and France single twelve side game, England emerging as the winner.

The authorities had decided to include cricket in the inaugural Summer Olympics in 1896 at Athens however, due to insufficient entries event wasn’t held. 

The Reason Why Cricket Is Not In Olympics

Though cricket is 180 years old game, it is mostly played in countries where Britishers once ruled. Certain countries believe cricket to be a colonial game and doesn’t accept it as it is a widely accepted notion that Britishers were the one who gifted Cricket.

Also, the time viewers have to spend watching the match is difficult to spare as the longest format of the game lasts for 5 days, the ODI format lasts for 7 hours and a T20 match lasts for 3 hours. Albeit, cricket is played in 105 countries, only a few of them have test status.

Apart from this, another factor that influences Cricket’s inclusion in Olympics is financial and technical assistance. Let’s discuss these in detail

Non-Cricket Playing Host Nations

The host nations of the Olympics are non-cricketing which is a major reason for cricket remaining excluded from the Olympics.

High Technical And Financial Requirements

Cricket requires a large amount of finance to arrange and maintain special grounds for playing cricket. And maintenance of these grounds requires a lot of technical knowledge.

Availability Of Time

In today’s hustle-bustle where people can barely spare time, cricket requires their whole day.

Least Interested Cricket Playing Nations

Nations that play cricket barely show interest to get cricket into the Olympics. No visible efforts have been made by BCCI, ECB, and Cricket Australia despite being financially sound.

Non Availability Of Dates

Nations that play cricket have their matches scheduled for the entire year.

Duration 0f Games

As cricket matches take a lot of time to finish, the entire schedule of the Olympics shall get disturbed.

Involvement of Government

Currently, cricket teams are formed and managed by non-government bodies to maintain the dignity of cricket. However, if cricket enters Olympics it will involve government harming the quality of coming players.

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