Which IPL Team Earns The Most Money: In The History

Mumbai Indians (MI) were named the most valuable IPL team in the Forbes 2022 study, with a brand worth of $1.3 billion (9900 crores). CSK became the first IPL franchise to exceed the $1 billion mark, making them the second-most valuable club in terms of brand value.

The ten TATA IPL 2022 teams’ owners spent a lot of money on the team and its players. Big corporations that invest in IPL franchises make up the owners of these teams.

The cost of establishing an IPL team is significant. Understanding how IPL teams generate revenue is crucial. They accomplish this in a variety of ways.

The media rights BCCI sells to broadcasters bring in a lot of money for the organization. If we go back to 2017, Star India paid 16,347 crores to get the privilege to broadcast the IPL for a period of five years. This equates to around 60 crores for each IPL game.

All 8 teams and BCCI split these media rights. (Now they will split the space among 10 teams) For the media rights to the IPL from 2023 to 2027, BCCI is predicted to get 40 to 50 thousand crores.

Sponsorship is the primary source of revenue for IPL franchises. Any IPL team’s uniform features several logos from various sponsors. the branding on the uniforms of the players and the team, as well as the signage on the boundary ropes. These brand firms provide a significant sum to advertise their products.

Sales of products are another way that IPL franchises generate revenue. These clubs market their players’ hats, jerseys, etc. online. They make a lot of money doing this.

Ticket and gate sales

One of the most crucial ways IPL teams generate income is through ticket sales. 15% of the IPL franchises’ overall income comes from ticket sales. They rely heavily on this source of revenue.

IPL Cash Prizes

IPL prize money is another source of income for the IPL franchisees. According to their position in the points table, the teams get prize money. CSK won the IPL championship in the VIVO IPL 2021 and was awarded 20 crores. 

Similar to this, KKR received 12.5 crores for finishing second. The teams get the IPL prize money in this manner.

The brand value

The brand value of IPL teams also has a significant impact on how much money IPL franchisees are able to generate. The team with the most A-list players gains the most brand value.

IPL franchises benefit greatly from the brand recognition of players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Glenn Maxwell, and others. Mumbai Indians (MI) were named the most valuable IPL team in the Forbes 2022 study, with a brand worth of $1.3 billion (9900 crores).

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