Where Was The First Ipl Match Played

The first IPL match was played in 2008 at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium between RCB and KKR.

Commencing IPL in 2008 was not an easy task as franchise and league systems were not common at that moment. But as BCCI is famous for taking bold decisions, it took one with the conception of the revolutionary Indian Premier League on 18th April 2008.

This particular match was contested in double round-robin league mode where the eight teams were required to play seven matches at the home ground and the remaining seven matches at the other teams’ home grounds.

When Was The First IPL Match?

The first IPL match Was Played On 18th April 2008.

First IPL Match 2008 Winner

Kolkata Knight Riders won the first IPL by 140 runs. Below is the scorecard of the match

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