What Is The Yo-Yo Test In Cricket?

what is yo yo test in cricket

The Yo-Yo test is a running aerobic fitness test that involves shuttling between two cones that are placed 20 meters apart.

Introduced in 2017 this test has become a standard to measure the fitness of the players. Since it has been set as the benchmark for selection in the Indian cricket team it has become the talk of the town.

The player is required to commence on the sound of a first beep and has to sprint through to the cone ahead before the second beep. After this, the player has to return before the sound of the third beep to complete one ‘shuttle’.

After each shuttle player is given a ten-second recovery period.

As the level of the shuttle goes up, the duration benchmark for the completion of the shuttle decreases which leads to an increase in the speed.

The player has to begin with level 5 which comprises one shuttle with each shuttle covering a distance of 40 meters.

As the player reaches level 11 he has to complete two shuttles, increasing a shuttle beyond level 11 to three shuttles on level 12, four shuttles on level 13, and finally increasing to 8 shuttles each from Level 14 onwards up to level 23.

The process is software-based and records all the results hence as soon as a player misses two beeps, their test ends.

The benchmark level for the Indian cricket team is 17:1, which covers 1120 meters.

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