What Is Written On The Ipl Trophy?

Take a close look at the IPL trophy and you will find a message inscribed on it with the names of the winners of the previous edition. If given a careful reading, you will find that this message is written in Sanskrit reading “Yatra Pratibha Avsara Prapnotihi” which translates to “Where talent meets opportunity.”

This is befitting as it explains the motto of IPL of providing a platform to youngsters so that they can showcase their talents. The irony over here is that many must have read What Is Written On The Ipl Trophy? but only a few would know what it means as neither everyone knows Sanskrit nor they are bothered to know it.

For the unversed, the trophy which is now presented to the winning team is different from the one which was presented at the start of the event. Earlier the trophy was shaped like the map of India, however, now the organizers have changed its design to a traditional cup. The winning team keeps this trophy for a year until the next team wins in the next season.


What Metal Is The Ipl Trophy Made Of?

IPL trophy is made of gold with diamonds embellished on it.

Who Designed The Ipl Trophy?

ORRA is the designer of one of the most beautiful and lightweight trophies of cricket. Trophy designed by ORRA is used in IPL

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