What Is The Pavilion End In Cricket?

What Is The Pavilion End In Cricket?

When the bowler is delivering in such a manner that the pavilion is at the bowler’s backside it is called as pavilion end.

Though there are two ends in the game, 80% of the time one end is the pavilion end.

Pavilion In Cricket Stadium

A cricket pavilion is a pavilion at a cricket ground. It is the building where players have their changing rooms and where the public is seated to watch the match.

Pavilions can be of two types-

  • Historic Pavilions
  • Modern Pavilions

End In Cricket Stadium

There are two ends in a cricket stadium. These ends can be named on any player’s name and can have no name at all like the pavilion end.

At the end of an over, it’s the fielding team who is supposed to bowl from the other end.

End In Cricket Stadium

Cricketers Who Have Their Pavilion

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is the latest cricketer who has been dedicated to a pavilion to his name.

In the recent renaming ceremony of the iconic Feroz Shah Kotla stadium, Virat has dedicated a pavilion to his name.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Ground Has Virat Kohli Pavilion?

In the renaming ceremony of Feroz Shah Kotla to Arun Jaitley stadium, Kohli has dedicated a pavilion to his name in his hometown, Delhi.

  • What Does Back To Pavilion Meaning?

When a player gets knocked out of the game, he is required to go back to the pavilion and watch the entire game from there.

  • Are Ends Switched In Cricket?

The batsman does not change their positions. Only the fielding team is required to switch their places.

  • Do Bowlers Change Sides After Every Over?

Yes, bowlers and batters change their side after every over so that the game is fair. It is done to avoid any advantage earned by any team due to external factors.

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