What Is A Googly In Cricket?

In cricket, a googly refers to the most deceptive balls a batsman can ever face. A right-arm leg-spin bowler delivers this type of delivery.

  • This delivery spins the ball away after being pitched from the batsman’s stumps.
  • This delivery differs from the normal delivery in the sense that it is turning the other way.
  • This ball is known to catch the most skillful, disciplined, and talented batsmen in professional cricket for over a century.
  • It is referred to as ‘wrong un by Australian players because bowlers keep it reserved for the perfect moment to catch their opponents.

Who Invented Googly Ball In Cricket?

What Is a Googly In Cricket?

In the late 19th century, Amateur cricket player Bernard James Tindal Bosanquet invented Googly Ball while studying at Oxford University. Earlier when it was in its formative years, it was known as ‘Bosie’ referring to Bosanquet.

Who Bowled The First Googly?

The first-ever googly was bowled in 1899. This googly was Bernard James Tindal Bosanquet’s version.

It is believed that he played googly for the first time in 1897 then he started practicing and perfecting his new bowling technique to bowl it in a competitive match in July 1900 for Middlesex.

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Why Is a Googly Called a Googly?

Why Is a Googly Called a Googly?

When it was invented, it was known as ‘Bosie’ referring to Bosanquet its inventor. In the early 20th century, it came to be known as googly when this technique of bowling spread all over the cricketing world.

However, the origin of this word is universally unknown. As there is no conclusive evidence for its origin, none of the probable origins give a uniform understanding of its story.

How Do You Bowl a Googly Ball?

To be perfect in delivering googly, one needs a lot of practice. It becomes difficult to master as it requires arm, hand, and finger movements which are not natural for the natural leg-break bowler.

To become an expert in delivering googly, one needs to master disguising their finger and wrist movements so that it comes as a surprise element for the batsman.

Following Are The Steps To Command The Googly

  • Grip the ball as you would for regular leg-break delivery, with the thumb underneath the ball and the index and middle finger spaced out at the top of the ball
  • As you prepare to deliver the ball, the back of your hand must be shown to the batsman to disguise the finger movements on the ball, and the palm of your hand should face upwards
  • Face the wrist towards the ground such that it forms a 180-degree angle, and face the seam of the ball in the direction of the fine leg
  • Upon release, the ball should bounce off the seam and into the batsman instead of away from the batsman

Can Off Spinners Bowl Googly Deliveries?

To bowl a googly, one needs to naturally bowl leg-spin rather than off-spin so that the bowler can confuse the batsman with the direction. Thus, an off-spinner cannot bowl a googly.

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