West Indies cricket squad sanctioned for breaching isolation rules!!

Hello Readers! Can you imagine that cricketers who plays at national and international level also violates law! 

Quite surprising!

Recently, West Indies cricket squad has been stripped of the right to train and stay in isolation properly as some of the players were found to violate rules around thei14-day quarintine period! 

New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, seen the CCTV footage of Christchurch hotel in which they found some players mingling in hallways and sharing food which is the breaching of managed isolation rules! 

The squad completed 12 days of isolation under COVID-19 regulations, but as they break the rule in the last two days, now they’re prohibited to train again until the full managed isolation period has ben completed. 

Moreover, the isolation period might extend if any further concerns arise, which is seriously awful!

The chief executive of West Indies cricket named Johnny Grave talked to New Zealand media and passed few statements that it’s hugely disappointing that players that knew the protocol completely broke that, it’s all total their mistake as they put themselves as well as the people of New Zealand’s life in danger! They let themselves and the whole team down and also put the tour at risk! 

Furthermore, Grave decided to organize an interview in which all players are interviewed and also expressed sympathy with players coping with a tough environment. 

West Indies squad warned of serious ramifications if quarintine rules were breached. He clarifies, that from now onwards if any player breaches the rule he will directly sent to his home immediately without any other chance! 

Now, the players are suggested to isolate in their rooms for three days and then they will be tested again. The squad comes here for the upcoming series of three Twenty20 internationals which begins from 27 November and for two Tests which starts from 3 December 2020! 

To conclude, restrictions could be annoying however are designed for safety. Hope the game goes well and smooth moving ahead.

Stay tuned for more!

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