Wait is Over: Virat Kohli scores a stunning century


So many fantasies, so many speculations, so many huffs, so many betrayers, so many hundreds of questions, so many answers waiting, whispering can be heard as they were breathing near their necks.

Whispered about insult and defeat. The heart was breaking on the other side, the mind power was shaking.

Today everyone is somewhat faded, the complications that lie have faded. The sun has risen today, the big sun. The sky has become colorful. The black-white-grey clouds have ended.

The big sun is shining in a ray.

Some crazy boy shouted “The king is returning, victory tilak in his head, sharp weapons in his hands, tranquility in his mouth” ❤

The king goes in his style, the king comes, the king is back

The king is back after winning the 71st battle