Virender Sehwag reveals ‘favorite song’ that he would often sing while batting!!

Glad to have you back in the pool of cricket news! On the cricket ground, every cricketer seems aggressive but in real life, they are also like us! They also need entertainment, listens to songs, watch movies, and so on, and today we’ll pour some lights on the favorite song of Virender Sehwag!

Virender Shewag, the destructive batsmen of all time who retired last year in October, is renowned for his stroke playing! Everyone has some secretive techniques to play similarly Sehwag’s singing while batting amused his fans all over the world.

The fans are too eager to know about which song he sings while batting and what’s the reason behind the singing!

Don’t panic buddies just chill out as we’re here to solve your queries only!

Virender’s Favourite Song!

No one can get a a dull moment when Virender Sehwag is around! Be it a cricket ground or dressing room, he is found murmuring his favourite songs

Having said that, his favourite one is Kishore Kumar’s song ‘chala jata hoon” which he himself claims he sings quite frequently in almost all matches while batting! 

He’s damn entertaining as when the runs are not coming while playing, he started singing devotional bhajans which is too hilarious about him! 

Diehard fans of Virender Sehwag are seriously amused by this news and once during a Cricket All-Stars game of 2015, he was caught singing!

Virender Sehwag reveals ‘favorite song’ that he would often sing while batting!!
Virender Sehwag reveals ‘favorite song’ that he would often sing while batting!!

But why did he do so!

In an Punjabi interview with Arjuna Chopra, he revealed the reason behind his humorous singing while batting! 

He gives the statement about his thinking level while batting, he thinks too much while batting which puts a lot of pressure on his mind and as music is the only relaxing thing in the world, so to keep themselves fresh and his mind tension free he starts singing! If he would not calm his mind then that will put an adverse effect on his game. 

 He also revealed that once he get back to the Bollywood numbers and start singing ‘Chitiya Kaliya’ which is damn funny! 

A recent overview of Sehwag!

Sehwag has played various matches and contributed a lot to the Indian cricket team. He’s the only batsman with a triple century and he got three twice.

Honestly, he is a fascinating personality and a superb entertainment who recently provided a lot of entertainment to everyone by his commentary in ICC World T20. 

Click here, and enjoy the superb funny video of none other than Virender Sehwag!

Stay tuned and Keep in touch for more entertaining updates of Cricket and also don’t forget to share your views on the above mind-blowing video! 

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