In the race to display better performance or to deal with pain or to fight loneliness in the starting stage of career, many players take the aid of so-called ‘Drugs’, be it any game, not just cricket. Only exceptions can be seen in dedicated and firm sportsmen. Well accept it or not, consumption of drugs for a prolonged course of time can lead to serious consequences. And to cope with this trouble many sports councils and boards have adopted a series of stipulations and guidelines regarding the participants or contestants of the game.

The USA Comes to The Picture!

While it may or may not be hard to assume that cricket is not as much as popular as baseball in the USA. But the USA has lately invested in cricket and yes, there are fans of cricket world-wide and fortunately, America is the one which has a fair number of cricket fans. USA has financed ACE (American Cricket Enterprises) and ACE is also funded by Bollywood Badshah, Shahrukh Khan, owner of the popular team of IPL, KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders). 

USA cricket tweets about the support of Shahrukh Khan,

With the intent to improve and uplift domestic cricket the USA cricket has ratified fresh regulations for cricket matches which would be played there. These rules are under the blueprint and criterion of the ICC (International Cricket Council) regulations. These rules give the foundation for any kind of formal cricket in the USA including school, and also informal and domestic, and many more other forms of cricket.

USA Cricket declares on Twitter officially,

There is from also which needs to be filled before anyone wishes to organize domestic cricket, which can be found here,

The USA cricket also promises to issue a countrywide calendar in which all details of the domestic cricket will be covered.

Keeping in mind the protection of the health and safety of their contenders, the USA cricket has sanctioned rules on Anti-Doping too, to keep the game drug-free. This code applies to all the participants and team members, owners, and even the support staff and persons.

Along with this, USA cricket has reached out to recruit foreign players to match the performance of other teams in One Day Internationals. Sami Aslam who decided to move to the USA for his upcoming career is one of the options for the USA cricket team. This proves the famous written quote by Rumi, “What You Seek IS Seeking You”. The USA has also got eyes on New Zealand cricketer, Corey Anderson.


The USA Cricket is adopting new techniques or we could say it is modernizing and standardizing the level of cricket, which is commendable itself. With the introduction to the rules of approval of Domestic Cricket and Anti-Doping, the USA cricket has clarified the status of what cricket is going to be there.

Till the following times, we urge you to stay safe and to be connected with us.

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