Acquire Knowledge About Umpire Signals And Their Meaning


Cricket, a gentleman’s game is regarded as one of the most complicated sports not because of how it is played but because of its rules and regulations, and the duty to make sure that all these rules are followed is entrusted to the umpire. So let’s check out what does the Cricket Umpires Signals used by umpires mean:-


When the umpire lifts his hand with his index finger upwards, it means that the batsmen are out in one of the 10 possible ways. And if the umpire wants to declare Not Out then he can either say it verbally or shake his head.

However in the case of LBW, caught behind or obstructing the field then the umpire can declare out only on the appeal of the bowling team.

No Ball

This signal is given the baller delivers illegal delivery. To signal this umpire lifts his arm to 90 degrees in a horizontal direction. No ball is constituted when the bowler fails to deliver the ball by keeping his foot behind the popping crease or if he delivers the ball above the batsmen’s waist without bouncing.

However, it is an extra ball and doesn’t count in 6 balls of an over.

Free Hit

Free hit is the chance of hitting the ball without any fear given to the batsmen after a no-ball in limited formats. The umpire circles his arm over his head to signal a free hit.

This reduces the chances of batsmen getting out as only 4 ways (run out, obstructing the field, handling the ball, and hitting the ball twice) are available out of which 3 are rare thus leaving only run out as an option for dismissal.

Wide Ball

When the bowler balls, if the ball is out of the reach of the batsmen it is termed a Wide Ball. Even if the ball bounces over the batsmen’s head it is considered a no-ball. It is signaled by the umpire by spreading his both hands horizontally.

This ball is not counted and adds an extra run to the batting team’s account.

Four Runs

The umpire signals Four Runs by waving his hand to and fro in front of his chest. A batsman gains four runs if he hits the ball across the boundary by bouncing at least once.

To signal six runs, the umpire lifts his both hands up. If a batsman hit the ball across the boundary without bouncing it is termed six runs.

Byes and Leg Byes

The team gets byes if they score runs without the bat hitting the ball or the ball touching any body part of the batsmen. Cricket Umpires signals it by raising one palm vertically. To indicate Leg Byes umpire touches his legs first and then signals Byes.


Umpire signals the bouncer by putting his hand on the shoulder and raising fingers according to the bouncer’s number. In Test and ODI two bouncers are allowed while in T20 only one bouncer is allowed and if the limit exceeds then the batting teams are rewarded a no-ball.

Third Umpire

To signal this, the empire forms a square with its hands. It is used when the batting side or fielding sides want on-field decisions to be reviewed.

Dead Ball

A dead ball is signaled by the umpire by crossing and uncrossing his wrist below his waist. The dead ball can occur in many circumstances. This ball is not counted in the delivery and should be delivered again.

Short Run

A short run is signaled by the umpire by tapping his near shoulder with his fingers. The batsmen have to make sure while taking the run that the bat reaches beyond the popping crease. If it fails to do so and runs for the next run then the umpire notices it and declares a short run.

Penalty Runs

Penalty runs are the runs awarded to the batting or fielding team on breach of law. If the breach is from the batting side, the fielding team is awarded extra runs, usually 5, and vice versa.

Umpire signals it by placing his hand on the opposite shoulder. If he taps the shoulder then runs go to the batting side otherwise fielding side.

Revoke Decision

A decision is revoked when the Third umpire’s decision is considered. If the decision given by the standing Cricket Umpires Signals doesn’t match the Third umpire, he is required to give the third empire’s decision on the field which he does by crossing his arms over his shoulders and sweeping below the waist.

New Ball

It can be taken by the fielding side in first-class cricket after 80 overs. The umpire signals the new ball by lifting it in the direction of scores showing to both sides.


Powerplay comes into the picture in a limited format where the fielding team is restricted to following some rules. Cricket Umpires Signals it by rotating his arm in a circular motion twice.

Soft Signal

A soft signal is used when the standing umpire is not sure of the decision and the Third umpire has to be referred. It is used so that if the third umpire doesn’t have full evidence he can make a decision. It is signaled by signaling out or not out somewhere in between his chest and waist.

Last Hour

In first-class cricket, the last day of the match has the last hour where the fielding team has to deliver at least 15 overs so to make them aware of the last hour, the umpire signals them pointing towards his wristwatch.

Cancel Call

When the umpire makes a wrong decision accidentally he can cancel that decision by crossing his hands on the opposite shoulders.

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