Get Familiar With Different Types Of Cricket Bats

A cricket bat is a special piece of equipment that cricket players use in cricket to hit the ball predominantly made of a cane handle that is attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade. In 1979 a law was passed stating that bats can be made only from wood.

Though the length of the bat can vary from player to player, in some circumstances it can be more than 38 inches (96.5 cm) in length and 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) in width.

Selecting a cricket bat may come as a strenuous task for some because there are so many variations that are available in a bat.

Don’t worry if you are looking for a bat and are confused about which one to buy you are at the perfect place. Here we are presenting a list of different types of cricket bats which are used by the cricketers.

Varieties Of Cricket Bats

S.noTypes of cricket bats
1.English Willow 
2.Kashmiri Willow 
3.Softball Cricket bats 
4.Training cricket bats 

English Willow

English Willow often known as white willow is native to England. Every professional desires to use this bat as it is only willow which provides desired contraction and toughness to the bat.

Because of its popularity, it is produced in bulk. It comes in 5 grades, the higher grade being the most expensive one.

English Willow

However, due to the reduction in Willow trees in England research is being done to look for an alternative.

Kashmiri Willow

As the name suggests these bats are made from Kashmiri wood. Kashmiri willow is a highly sought-after wood in India.

These bats differ from English Willow bats in terms of reliability and appearance. Because of their color, they can be easily differentiated from English willow bats.

Kashmiri Willow

These bats are a bit expensive because they are made from hand and are extensively light weighted.

The graph of their popularity is increasing day by day as every newbie wants to play with this bat.

Softball Cricket bats

These bats are used in local and gully cricket as they are made from soft rubber and high-quality wood or fiber. As these bats are used by children they are less expensive than Kashmiri and English willow.

Softball Cricket bats

The fact that these bats don’t have any requirements of oiling like softball or tennis ball bats despite the power required to strike the ball, they come as very handy for children to develop cricket.

Training Cricket Bats

These bats are used as extracts of cricket gears to enhance cricketers’ skills. They are used in pro cricket and come in a variety of sizes and widths.

They are not made from a single willow hence can be made by a producer or English willow or Kashmiri willow.

Training Cricket Bats

The width of these bats is generally half of the regular cricket bats.

These bats are very helpful for coaches as they serve as a weapon for them during training sessions.

Difference Between Kashmiri Willow And English Willow

This question comes often to the mind of those who are seriously looking out to buy one of these bats. So what is the difference- let’s see

English Willow bats are lighter and smoother with better grain quality than Kashmiri willows, that is why they are most preferred by professional batsmen.

Apart from this English willows are lighter in shade making them shiner.

Another noticeable factor between the bats is their orientation. English willows are vertically oriented while Kashmiri willows are slightly horizontally oriented.

However, English Willows are a bit more expensive than Kashmiri Willows.

How To Choose A Cricket Bat?

The choice of a bat depends on 3 conditions

Willows type: To decide which bat you want to buy you need to decide the type of willow you want. If you are looking for a lightweight bat then go for English Willow otherwise you can choose to go with Kashmiri Willow. After choosing the willow you need to figure out which grade willow you are willing to buy.

Weight: The weight of a bat impacts significantly on a player’s game. A heavy bat limits the player’s ability to raise and swing forcing him to play horizontal blade shots.

Bats may weigh the same but based on their blades their ability to pick up differs.

Bat Size: If you want to know which bat size is right for you, you should refer to the table below:-

Bat SizeApprox AgeHeight of BatterBat Length in cmsBat Width in cms
03-4to 123cm62.8 to 64.79.5
Full SH15+175-188cm85.210.8
Full LH 15+over 188cm8710.8

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Grain In The Context Of Bats?

Grains are thin brown/black lines found on the surface of the bat.

Which Cricket Bat Is Best?

Kashmiri and English willow both are high in quality but English Willow is a bit expensive when compared because of its better speed and ping off the bat.

If one is at the start of his career he should go with Kashmiri willow because it can be used to play professionally. However, it would be better to shift to high-quality English willow with time.

What Is The Length Of a Cricket Bat?

To know which bat size is right for you, you can refer to the chart below:

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