Top 4 Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Sydney is one of the best places to live in Australia as it offers a lot of great things for the whole family. It has amazing holiday destinations and tons of jobs and business opportunities. 

With that being said, many newlywed couples are dreaming of starting a family in the city and enjoy all things it can offer. However, not all marriages last forever. The sweet promise of for richer and for poorer, ’till death do they part can all turn sour. If you think your marriage is still failing after all the things you have done to save it, getting some advice from reliable family lawyers in Sydney should be your next step. 

Why Do Couples Divorce? 

Some circumstances and traits in partners cause the divorce, forcing their significant half to seek a divorce. If you cannot stand your partner anymore, and it causes you a lot of stress and makes your life toxic, then ending your marriage could be the best option. 

It is normal for couples to argue, makeup and wake up one day only to find out that everything is falling apart. So, don’t brush off any relationship issues as they could end up on rocky roads, too. 

What are the common reasons for divorce? 

1.Extramarital Affair or Infidelity 

When one of the couples tries to get sexual or physical satisfaction outside their relationship, this could put the relationship to an end. Getting the trust back once you get betrayed is very difficult. 

The extramarital affair causes 20-40% of divorce in marriage – the most common cause of divorce. Anger and resentment are the common causes for cheating, along with a lack of emotional intimacy and sexual appetite. Furthermore, this is one of the legal reasons for divorce. 

2.Financial Troubles 

The saying: “money makes people funny” is true. It may lead to serious problems if the couple can’t agree about financial management. Financial incompatibility is also one of the most common reasons for divorce, causing almost 41% of them.  

Different financial goals and spending habits, or one spouse earning way more than the other half may cause a power struggle, straining the marriage to the verge of breaking. Financial troubles are one of the biggest causes of divorce, second to infidelity. 

3.Lack of Communication 

Communication is vital in marriage, and failure to communicate effectively may lead to frustration and resentment for both, affecting the aspects of a marriage. Meanwhile, good communication strengthens the marriage. Couples should effectively talk about their needs, understand each other and meet their partner’s needs. 

Yelling, silent treatment, and making rude comments to express yourself won’t help your relationship as these methods of communication is unhealthy. 

Poor communication is the reason behind 65% of divorces. 

4.Constant Arguing 

From arguing about the kids to bickering about chores, never-ending arguing can put a relationship to an end. Couples who argue about the same issue repeatedly feel that they are not being appreciated or even heard. 

Many people find it hard to see their partner’s point of view, leading to arguments without getting any resolution. Constant arguing causes 57.7% of divorce. 

Being married is not easy. Even couples who seemed happy and satisfied with each other sometimes can’t overcome certain challenges and end up dealing with family lawyers in Sydney. With this in mind, it is crucial to address any issue in your relationship from that moment it started.  

Always try your best before deciding that it is the end of the line of your relationship, and it’s time to move on with your own life. Doing so will give you the peace of knowing that you have tried all the possible ways to save your marriage. Divorce can be one of the worst life experiences, but sometimes, it is necessary and could be the best decision.

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