Top 10 Longest Sixes In International Cricket

Longest Sixes In International Cricket

Shahid Afridi (Pakistan Cricketer) unofficially holds the record for the longest six in cricket history when he cleared 158 meters, though later the distance was recorded 120 meters in ICC Records Book (God knows why!) and Afridi’s record got the tag ‘unofficial’, nevertheless he’s considered as the record holder of hitting the longest six in cricket.

Australia’s Brett Lee’s longest six has an official record in the history of cricket. His tremendous performance has crossed the rope by some approx 130-135 meters that was achieved in 2005 against West Indies in one of the test matches at Gabba. 

What Are The Top 8 Longest Ever Sixes in any Form Of Cricket?

Sr.NoPlayer Team Distance(Meter)Year
1 (Unofficial)Shahid AfridiPakistan1582013
2Bret LeeAustralia1352005
3Martin GuptillNew Zealand1272012
4Corey AndersonNew Zealand1222014
5Yuvraj SinghIndia1202007
6Chris GayleWest Indies1162010
7Ijaz AhmedPakistan1151999
8MS DhoniIndia1122012

They say cricket is ruled by batsmen. After the introduction of limited over cricket, i.e. ODI & T20, it has become more of a batsman’s game. An exciting cricket match means some exciting innings. And an exciting innings means an innings decorated with maximum numbers of boundaries and over-boundaries.

In international cricket, some innings have become eternal and become history. I mean, who can forget the last six of MS Dhoni in World Cup 2011, or the full monty by Yuvraj Singh in the T20 World Cup 2007?

And what made these innings remarkable? Yes! Those sixes! Every cricket lover loves to see the ball fly into the gallery. And the batsman sending the ball farthest in the gallery always becomes a sensation of cricket!

But do you know who hit the longest six in cricket history? How long their hits were? Which one is the longest six in the world? Hold your breath! I’m gonna tell you the fairy tale of this kingly game!

1. Zard Ali

Have you ever wondered who holds the record of hitting the longest sixer in any format of cricket, be it an International match or domestic league?

Zard Ali is a star cricketer in the Australian Big Bash Cricket League and holds the record of the longest six-ever hit in this world in any form of cricket.

Ali was playing for the Victorian Cricket Team in Australia’s domestic cricket league when he hit an unbelievable 173-meter-long six. This hit immediately brought him into the spotlight.

2. Albert Trott

But, if you wanna know who hit the longest six in cricket history, the name comes from the 19th century. Of course, there are no records of his playing for obvious reasons, but whenever you’ll talk about the longest six in the world, this man will be there on the list!

It was the year 1899 when Albert Trott hit a six in the Mecca of Cricket, Lord’s Cricket Ground. It is said that he hit the ball so hard that it cleared the entire iconic building of the stadium.

No one could show such a huge skill to date! Though then there was no such technology to measure the distance of a hit and Trott’s sixer has no official entry of how long the ball traveled, still, I can give you an idea of it in case you’re curious enough about the statistics!

You can get a mere idea about the distance by considering the size of the Lord’s Cricket Ground. The size of the stadium is almost 230 meters northwest of the site of the Middle Ground and Trott’s hit sent the ball outside the iconic building of this stadium. Now it’s clear, huh?

Trott was such a player who played test cricket for both the teams England & Australia.

3. Shahid Afridi120mtr six vs South Africa, 2013

Pakistan faced South Africa in Johannesburg on 17th March 2013. South Africa set a huge target of 344 for Pakistan. And then, Afridi showed what he’s capable of! He scored 88 facing only 48 balls.

SA Captain gave the ball to Ryan McLaren to bowl the 35th over. McLaren gave 12 runs in his first four delivery, along with 2 extra runs.

 Longest Sixes In International Cricket
Shahid Afridi – longest six in cricket history 173 meters

It was the time each and everyone present there could feel the temper of the match. Both teams were under pressure, the match was in a 50-50 mode, right then, Afridi did something which became history. He hit McLaren away right in the gallery on the fifth ball.

Yes! It was a 158-meter-long six! Though later the distance was recorded as 120 meters in ICC Records Book (God knows why!) and Afridi’s record got the tag ‘unofficial’, nevertheless he’s considered as the record holder of hitting the longest six in cricket.

4. Bret Lee135m six vs West Indies, 2005

hen the question arrives that who holds the official record of hitting the biggest six in cricket history in meters list? The answer is, that the official record of hitting the biggest six in cricket history is booked for Bret lee.

Longest Sixes In International Cricket
Bret Lee

Australia was facing the bowling attack of the West Indies at Gabba in a test match in 2005 when Lee cleared the ball off the ground. It flew in the air, crossed the whole stadium, and landed in the parking lot. It was measured at 135 meters and recorded as the longest six in international cricket.

5. Martin Guptill127m six vs South Africa, 2012

New Zealand was chasing a 147 set by South Africa in a T20 series. Lonwabo Tsotsobe was the bowler, and 6th was the over when Guptill hit the massive maximum on the fifth ball. It traveled 127 meters, hit the stand roof, and dropped off on the ground.

Longest Sixes In International Cricket
Martin Guptill

6. Corey Anderson122m vs India, 2014

India was in the midway of their New Zealand tour and taking on the home team at Napier Cricket ground. Md Shammi was bowling the 44th over for his team when Anderson hit the massive 122 meters long sixer.

Corey Anderson is the man who made his maiden century of just 36 balls on the New Year’s Day of 2014 against West Indies & broke the 18-years-old record of Shahid Afridi’s fastest 100.

Longest Sixes In International Cricket
Corey Anderson

7. Yuvraj Singh120m vs Australia, 2007

Yuvraj Singh is definitely one of the greatest all-rounders in India. He was known for his destructive batting style. In the year 2007, he booked his name in the world’s biggest six in the cricket history list.

India was taking on Australia on 22nd September of 2007 in ICC T20 World Cup, where Singh played a tremendous inning of 70 facing just 30 balls. In this golden innings, he cleared Bret Lee off the ground with a 120-meter-long six. India became the champion in that series.

Longest Sixes In International Cricket
Yuvraj Singh

8. Chris Gayle

Have you ever heard the term, Sixer King? Have you ever wondered who is known as Sixer King? Well, there’s no official name for this crown, but Chris Gayle is possibly the best name for it!

Gayle holds the record of hitting the maximum number of sixes in all formats of cricket. He has hit a total of 534 sixes to date in international cricket (test matches, ODIs, & T20’s for West Indies).

Longest Sixes In International Cricket
Chris Gayle

In Bridgetown, India was taking on West Indies in World T20 Tournament in the month of May 2010. Gayle was in a destructive form in that match and hit Yusuf Pathan a huge 116 meters long sixer.

9. Ijaz Ahmed115m six vs India, 1999

1999 was the year, a high voltage match between India & Pakistan was going on the grounds of Mohali. Pakistan was the chasing team.

Only two sixes were hit in that entire match, and both of them came from Ijaz Ahmed’s bat. One of them was hit on Virender Sehwag’s delivery, which traveled 115 meters.

Longest Sixes In International Cricket
Ijaz Ahmed

10. MS Dhoni112m six vs New Zealand, 2009

It’s quite unnatural that we’re talking about sixes, and MS Dhoni’s name will be out of the list. This former Indian skipper is famous for his helicopter shot and is considered one of the greatest match finishers of all time.

India was taking on Australia in the Commonwealth Bank Series in the year 2011-12 at Adelaide Oval. It was a high voltage match, Clint McKay was delivering the last over, India was still trailing behind by 12 runs from the target, and there were only 4 balls left.

Longest Sixes In International Cricket
MS Dhoni

In this immense pressure, MS Dhoni swung his bat on the third delivery, and the ball flew to the gallery. It was recorded as a 112-meter-long hit. Dhoni finished off the match in style bringing India the victory.

Highest Six In Cricket History 250 meters

Well, practically it’s not possible for anyone to hit a 250-meter six. I mean, there’s a thing called Physics, right? No wonder there’s no official record of hitting a 250-meter-high six, though you’ll find articles and videos on the internet claiming some batsmen hit this impossible shot and the names vary from one site to another. But all these are unofficial videos and records which have no authentication.

In case if you’re wondering how long 250 meters is and why it’s impossible to hit, I can give you an idea. The height of the Taj Mahal of Agra is only 73 meters! Now you got the idea, right?

Who Hit The Shortest Six?

Well, there’s a record for hitting the shortest six too! And the record is named under Pakistani wicketkeeper-batsman Rashid Latif, but he didn’t hit an over-boundary!

Sounds interesting? Let me tell you the story. It’s simultaneously hilarious, and goofy as well.

In the opening match of the ICC Champion’s Trophy in the year 2002, Pakistan was facing the 26th over and the score was 91/4. Upal Chandana was bowling for his team Sri Lanka. On the very first ball, Latif played a sweep shot. Unfortunately, the ball hit the helmet of Kumara Sangakkara, former wicketkeeper of Sri Lanka, which was kept behind him. Latif completed a single before the fielder took the ball and return it to Sangakkara.

Steve Bucknor was the umpire of the match. He gave six runs to the batting side, and called the ball dead!

Confused? Well, there’s the rule of ICC that if the batsman strikes the ball, and the ball hits the helmet kept behind by the wicketkeeper, five runs will be awarded to the batting team. Latif took a single. So 5+1 = 6 runs!

Rules are funny at times, huh?

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