The scandal that changed cricket

On 26th August 2010, Pakistan was playing its 4th test match against England. The battle was being held at one of the popular venues Lord’s in England.

During Pakistan’s bowling, the young 18-year-old Mohammad Amir delivered two illegal balls. 

However, it happens very often with fast-bowlers while bowling. These weren’t those inadvertently bowled no-balls. Because Mohammad Amir was not the bowler who bowls no-balls very often. And another thing those two no-balls weren’t close ones but very large one with around 9 inches ahead of the line. 

The commentators were stunned by such a blunder. However, they were oblivious to the reality that he bowled them intentionally. 

Moreover, Mohammad Asif, another bowler from the team, had also bowled a no-ball calculatedly. They received £1,50,000 for the betting. Both the players and the squad skipper Salman Butt and their agent Mazhar Majeed were involved in this scandal.

However, they were oblivious of the fact that it was a trap set up by the investigator of News of the World. Subsequently, this scandal was described on the front page of the paper named as the biggest scandal of cricket. 

The scandal that changed cricket
The scandal that changed cricket

Following the incident, the agent Mazhar was in police custody. And the cricketers were being tested by the department.

Moreover, all those involved in the event were imprisoned as well as the players involved were banned from the sport for a very long time. Subsequently, the News of the World (a.k.a NOW) was shut down by Murdoch as he came to know that its journalists were the ones who set them up. 

It also became a nightmare for those journalists who were liable for this mishappening. 

Moreover, the reporter was imprisoned for a long.  period of a year and an additional three months, even longer than both the bowlers. 

However, subsequent to serving their period in the prison, all the three cricketers returned to the sport and Mohammad Amir even played test matches once again. 

The career of the journalists who were responsible for the scandal had been setting up traps for different personalities in order to expose them. They had made their career out of luring people into their trap and exposing them. However, their careers were destroyed. 


All three players got a chance to get back into the cricket and make up for what they did. 

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