The epic Australian recovery India MUST learn from after 36 all-out embarrassments!!


We always learn from our mistakes. Every cricket team has some bad games in which they score least runs!

Similarly almost 8 years ago, Aussies also had one in which they bowled out for 47 in Cape Town, it was their worst batting performance ever in the history since 1902.

But they learn from their mistake and if you watch them playing nowadays, you will be shocked! 

Likewise, Indian team also had one bad match in the past day-night Adelaide Test series, in which they were dismissed out of the Test for scoring lowest runs of 36 ever!

Today, we’ll put a glance on the recovery rate of epic Australians who point out Indian team and said they MUST learn from after 36 all-out embarrassment!

So, lets dig bibliophiles! 

When former Aussie cricketer Brad Haddin asked to offer advice to the Indians based off his own Cape Town experience, he humoursly told to follow KISS method i.e., Keep it smile, stupid and said first you need to go to the bar!

Indirectly, he wants to covey that without wasting time in attending long meetings, talk to yourself ask yourself why you are there in the team what’s your worth and techniques, after interrogating yourself you’ll get the right answer of your defeat!

He further added, Test matches are about winning big moments and to win first you have to set the win in your own mind. All of you have to be mentally strong enough to bear the pain of defeat and happiness of victory! 

As per Haddin’s experience in the cricky world he thinks, India wasn’t quick enough to realise what tactically happens in the Adelaide Test. The major mistake he did n the match was relaxation! 

In some matches there is no time for relaxing yourself, you just have to play and play! 

Situation is simple and stark for Indians all they have to do is focus!

So, let’s see how this defeat affects the performance of team India in the upcoming Melbourne Test!