The Cricket Bat Law With Its specification

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Fundamentals Of The Bat

Fundamentals Of The Bat
Fundamentals Of The Bat

Apart from the obvious, that the bat in cricket is used to hit the ball, there is a lot about ‘Cricket bat’ that should be explored well.

After all, it is more than just a piece of wood. 

The International Cricket Council (ICC), which is the governing body of cricket all over the world, maintains some rules regarding bats to ensure fair play. 

And that being said, let’s first take a look at what should be the ideal weight of a cricket bat. 

Cricket Bat Weight

If you are a batsman at the core, you must be aware of the fact, the bat is the most vital piece of equipment.

Furthermore, it would be needless to say, you should be able to hold and swing the bat with ease without feeling its weight to play the best innings.

While it is true that the weight of the bat will differ according to your age and body type, the ICC dictates that some bare minimum limits should be adhered to.

ICC states that an adult’s bat should weigh between 1.2 to 1.4 kgs.

Anything under or over that is illegal in an international game. Once you figure out the right weight, the next thing you need to know about is the size of the bat. 

Cricket Bat Size

Cricket Bat Size
Cricket Bat Size

Now depending upon your height bat sizes can range from size 1 to size 6. 1 is the smallest 6 the biggest one available in the context of an average normal person.

Now talking of the full-size cricket bat then the size 6, harrow, small adult, short handle, and long blade/handle are considered as a full size. For clarity on the size, take a look at the, 


Size 1– 130– 4’3″
Size 2130 – 1374’3″ – 4’6″
Size 3137 – 1454’6″ – 4’9″
Size 4145 – 1524’9″ – 5′
Size 5152 – 1605′ – 5’3″
Size 6160 – 1655’3″ – 5’5″
Harrow165 – 1705’5″ – 5’7″
Small Adult170 – 1755’7″ – 5’9″
Short Handle175 – 1835’9″ – 6′
Long Blade183 +6′ +

Having determined your bat size, let’s move on to see its varieties.

Varieties Of The Bats

The Cricket Bat Law in cricket is mainly made of two types of wood. We are discussing the same in the next sections.

Types Of Cricket Bats

Apart from the different sizes, the bats are available in, the bats are made out of two types of woods which are the Kashmiri willow and the English willow. 

The basic difference in both is that the Kashmiri willow is much harder and heavier than the other one. If you follow the scientific stats then the English willow is a better one but if you look at reality then the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar used Kashmiri willow bats.   

In addition to the make, a bat should meet some basic specifications. Take a look at the next.

Specification Of A Bat

The following are the basic specification of a bat.

Width – 4.25 max38 maxInches
Depth – 2.64 max38 maxInches
Edge – 1.56 max38 maxInches

The above table must be clear that while the width, depth, and edge of the bat can have different maximum values, the length is fixed. 

Long Handle Cricket Bat

The height of the bat from where the handle ends to its other edge is fixed. However, the length of the handle can be an inch more than the standard bat. A bat that has an inch longer handle is known as the long handle bat.

if you are going to start playing professional cricket then the next paragraph specifically belongs to you.

Matter Of Your Concern

Matter Of Your Concern
Matter Of Your Concern

It is true that your bat type is mainly determined by your height but factors like your age, weight, and your game style also influence the choice of your bat.

This is because everybody has a certain way of playing. For example, if your game style is aggressive then you may want to play with a long handle bat as it helps to secure a number of sixes.

So, choose your bat wisely as it will impact your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a regulation cricket bat?

A regulation cricket bat is one that meets the ICC standards of a cricket bat.

2. Are different color bats are allowed in cricket?

No, you cannot use different colored bats in cricket as it is considered a violation of laws. 

3. Are different material bats allowed in cricket?

No, only wooden bats are allowed, and only handles made out of twine are attached to the wooden bats.

Final Words

On a final note, the bat is not the only key to your success you need to have genuine talent with a pinch of luck.

Congratulations!!! Now you will be able to start your training without having to worry much about the type of bat you need to have. You can also advise your friends about the same.


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