The best exercise and fitness applications

There are many fitness benefits, but one needs to maintain discipline and consistency to stick with a particular routine long enough to see its services. Technology comes in handy, especially with having the proper app to always act like a personal trainer in keeping you motivated or accountable. Here are some of the best applications to help you exercise and maintain fitness. So if you sit a lot doing your job or seeking for term paper help to ace your study performance, you definitely need one of those fitness applications.

Map my run

It is a great app that you can use to track and map all your runs, but it has other added amenities. You can use the application to log more than 500 activities, including walking, cycling, yoga, gym workouts, and cross-training, to mention a few. You can also use the gear tracker to assist you in tracking the mileage as you wear your shoes, get some of the best places to run, and connect it with at least 400 devices to analyze the data you have.

A Fitness buddy is more like a virtual personal trainer, and it also combines a nutritionist in it. The application has hundreds and hundreds of workouts that you can tackle at either the gym or at home. It also has personalized recipes and meal plans. All the exercises in their application have explicit videos and instructions, and workout plans make the application the ideal application for advanced or beginner lifters.

JEFIT workout planner

The application is one smart way for you to track your training, whether at home or in the gym. You can utilize a daily planner to create your routines, and fitness plans specific to your specific goals. You can also browse the database to find inspirations or instructions on exercises and check out some of your games to feel and stay motivated.


The application is specially designed to assist you in reaching the goals you have in running. You can track all your arms understand your goals, and the go-ahead to review all your status and analyze them to enjoy all the results of their hard work. You can also customize your motivating voices so that you can relay your time, distance, and pace, and personalized plans will make you want to get up and run every day. You can also utilize the in-app challenges for you to stay motivated or participate in virtual groups to support you and inspire you at the same time. 

My fitness pal

The application can assist you in tuning your nutrition to see the results of your time as you spend it in the gym. It has a huge food database, recipe importer, barcode scanner, calorie counter, and other food insights that will give you have a whole idea of what to eat, and you need to be sure. In addition, within the app, you can choose your own goal, which includes weight gain, weight loss, or maintenance.

10K Runner

Beginners and 5K runners who work up to the 10K will get a lot of guidance in this particular application. You can go from zero to 5000 in just eight weeks and from 5000 to 10,000 in another six weeks. In addition, you can utilize the application to alternate the intervals of walking and running or get audio guidance from a coach and go-ahead to pump your running tunes. 

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