Sunil Gavaskar Demands: T20 Needs Some Changes

T20 cricket has over the year seen many big scores with bowlers being hit all over the stadium and individuals creating new records with the fastest fifties and hundreds in every tournament.

It is noticeable here to say that T20 cricket has always been much of a batsmen’s game and it’s always about chasing big scores and never about bowler’s efforts.

Here it doesn’t mean that the batsmen do not play well, it just means that either the boundaries are shortened or the rules of the game are such that the bowlers hardly stand a chance of restricting the opposition to lower scores.

Bowlers helpless:

The Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar recently said to PTI that T20 has over the years just witnessed the domination of the batsmen and bowlers do not stand a chance on the flat pitches with short boundaries. 


He gave some suggestions that the council should allow the fast bowler to bowl at least 2 bouncers in an over and coordinate with the ground authorities to increase the length of the boundaries.

This issue must be deeply looked at by the concerned authorities in order to create a balance in the game.

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