Sports that are Most Popular for Betting in 2023

Sports Betting in the World

Since sports appeared in the whole world, people started being competitive about not only playing the game itself, but about guessing the correct predictions for the outcomes of matches. Some people like placing bets on sports which don’t require much time between the matches, while other people like watching the matches for hours. And of course, since there are tons of various sports disciplines in the world, various countries prefer placing bets on different sports disciplines. Below, we would like to give you more information about which countries like placing best on which sports.

Country Sports Betting Ratings in 2023

As we have previously mentioned, some countries prefer placing bets on one sport, while other countries like other sports. In the list below, we would like to give you more information.

  • India/Bangladesh – Cricket. In these countries, cricket is the most popular sports discipline for betting. This is because the overall world teams that compete in cricket tournaments and leagues such as IPL, Ashes Series, Twenty20 and others consist mostly of people from either India or Bangladesh. And since cricket is so widely loved in these countries, players of the teams show incredible performances on matches;
  • China – Basketball. In China, people love watching basketball matches and placing bets on it. The sports industry in China is really well-developed, however, people in China lack in height and size. Tall and big people in China are a huge exception, yet they exist, and since other people are shorter, most Chinese basketball players are really fast, have quick reflexes and can make split-second decisions when needed;
  • United States of America – American Football. In USA, the most popular sport is american football. In american football, players have to be big in order not to fail against the defense of the opposing team, and should also be strong, so that they can bring the ball to the other side of the field without much trouble. And since american football matches are usually not really long, more and more people in USA like to place bets on it;
  • Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, Mexico – Soccer. In these countries, as well as all over the world, soccer is considered to be the most popular sports discipline of them all. Soccer was interesting to the whole world since the day it appeared, as soccer games may seem easy, but in reality, take a lot of skill and practice. Soccer players have to be really enduring, as soccer matches take at least 90 minutes of running from one side of the field to the other and vice versa. Also, soccer players must have really strong legs, in order to be sure that they can hit the ball with enough power, as well as with pinpoint accuracy. And last, but not least, soccer matches are really interesting to watch, since the outcome of the match can change at any minute.

These are the most popular Sports disciplines of the world, which are both used for entertainment and for betting and winning money.

Why Cricket Betting is Popular in Bangladesh

As we have previously mentioned, cricket is one of the most popular sports disciplines in the whole world due to many reasons. And in Bangladesh, cricket betting is the most popular form of betting for winning money. Bangladeshi people love placing bets on cricket because first of all, most teams that compete on the professional level come from either India or Bangladesh. Because of that, Bangladeshi people have more reasons to bet on cricket, as people not only want to win money from making correct decisions, but also want to cheer their hometown teams and make them win all the matches. Also, since cricket is really popular all over the world, online bookmakers offer Bangladeshi people bets with greater betting conditions. For example, in comparison to other countries, Bangladeshi online bookmakers offer a much wider range of betting markets, and the betting odds are much better as well, since they are higher. Because they are higher, you can win a lot more money even if you place a bet with a small amount. And last, but not least, Bangladeshi bookies provide their users with all the most popular tournaments and leagues. Their range includes Ashes Series, Twenty20, IPL and many more.

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