Sourav Ganguly undermining credentials of selectors, IPL boss: Dilip Vengsarkar!!

Welcome to the land of cricket gossips, dear buddies! Today we’re back with an indirect spicy argument between Sourav Ganguly and Dilip Vengsarkar. 

Everyone has their mouth to speak for themselves and honestly, in today’s world, if someone else speaks on the behalf of another, he or she gets stuck! 

Quite confusing! Don’t worry, keep reading it’s full of gossips!

Former Indian skipper who has been a cricket administrator itself named Dilip Vengsarkar censured BCCI president Sourav Ganguly for wearing too many hats.

 Ganguly questioned the non-selection of Suryakumar Yadav after his prolific performance in IPL 2020 whereas it’s none of his business! 

Vengsarkar stated that Ganguly is speaking to media on the behalf of IPL selectors which is not needed!

Ganguly, recently fighting for the selection of Rohit Sharma who is recently playing for Mumbai Indians and excluded from the Australia tour due to his hamstring injury. 

Vengsarkar simply passed a statement, that it’s quite surprising to see Ganguly wearing so many hats as he speaks on the behalf of ‘X’ ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ cricketers selection. Selecting players for the upcoming matches is the work of chairman and Ganguly has no right to speak on why ‘X’ isn’t selected and why ‘Z’ is selected! 

Initially, Vengsarkar believed that game should be run by former and experienced cricketers like Ganguly but due to his undermining credentials act, he change his thinking a lot! 

Why BCCI removed Rohit Sharma! 

Rohit Sharma is a stunning cricketer and no one has any doubt on his strength and capability, but guys health is everything for everyone and his health isn’t well, and BCCI will not take any risk regarding his health! 

His medical condition isn’t well, BCCI physio recommend him proper rest due to hamstring injury, and if he will play more then the injury got severe or tear. Now the conflict is, that when Rohit get checked himself with MI physio, he declared him fit to play! 

Isn’t it irritating and annoying! Frankly, yup buddies! 

Why is there a lot of difference between the reports of two physios! Is it possible! 

Like us Vengsarkar is also wondered after the explosion of two different reports for the same personality!

Vengsarkar is confused and wasn’t clear about who was actually making the decisions while selecting the Indian team and also wonders about what Ganguly has to say about these issues! 

Hence, these issue are going on, you just stay tuned and be in touch to know the end results of these spicy conversation!  

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