Top 10 Slowest Ball In Cricket History – [ Leigh Kasperek’s 38 kph]

In the dynamic world of cricket, where speed and power dominate, the art of the slow ball holds a special place. Slower deliveries have the unique ability to deceive even the most seasoned of batsmen, adding a mesmerizing twist to the game. This article takes you on a journey through time to relive the top 10 slowest balls ever bowled in the history of cricket, where patience and precision prevailed over pace.

Who Has Bowled The Slowest Ball In Cricket History?

Leigh Kasperek of New Zealand holds the record for bowling the slowest ball in cricket history. This feat was accomplished in 2017 during a match against Australia. Kasperek’s delivery was recorded at an astonishingly low speed of just 38 kilometers per hour. This remarkable achievement stands as the best example of the art of deceiving batsmen with a well-executed slow delivery.

Presently, most bowlers worldwide have embraced the strategy of employing slower deliveries in their arsenal. In an era where the rules tend to favor batsmen greatly, bowlers find themselves compelled to diversify their tactics in order to control the scoring rate. A key method employed is altering the pace and incorporating slower deliveries.

Both fast bowlers and spinners find value in using such deceptive deliveries to outplay batsmen. Slower deliveries have grown increasingly prevalent in recent times. However, amidst this commonality, Leigh Kasperek of New Zealand has managed to astonish observers with her unique slower delivery. The surprise derives from the extraordinary leisurely pace of her delivery, setting a new standard. Kasperek’s delivery registered a mere 38 kilometers per hour, marking it as one of the slowest in the history of international cricket.

This exceptional feat unfolded during the ongoing third One Day International (ODI) against Australia in Mount Maunganui. In the 8th over of Australia’s batting innings, with Beth Mooney at the crease, the New Zealand spinner executed this remarkable delivery. While the Australian batter wasn’t thoroughly deceived by the delivery’s trickery, she had to stretch her reach to connect, subsequently directing the ball towards the long-off region for a single.

List Of All 10 Slowest Balls In Cricket History 

Here is a list of the top 10 slowest deliveries in cricket history:

  • Leigh Kasperek (New Zealand) – 38 kph in 2017.
  • Chris Cairns (New Zealand) – 1999.
  • Aaqib Javed (Pakistan) – 1992.
  • Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) – 2005.
  • Jasprit Bumrah (India) – 2018.
  • Dwayne Bravo (West Indies) – 2006.
  • Majid Haq (Scotland) – 2015.
  • Naved-ul-Hasan (Pakistan) – 2004.
  • Brett Lee (Australia) – 2005.
  • Steve Harmison (England) – 2005.

Describing All the Top 10 slowest Deliveries In cricket history 

Certainly! Here’s a description of each of the top 10 slowest deliveries in cricket history:

1. Leigh Kasperek (New Zealand) – 38 kph in 2017:

During a match against Australia in 2017, Leigh Kasperek of New Zealand bowled the slowest delivery ever recorded in cricket history, with a speed of just 38 kilometers per hour. This exceptionally slow delivery left the batsman and viewers alike astounded by its lack of pace.

2. Chris Cairns (New Zealand) – 1999:

In 1999, during a series between England and New Zealand, Chris Cairns executed a masterful slower delivery that completely deceived the batsman, Chris Read. Read misjudged the ball’s pace, assuming it to be a beamer, only to be surprised as the ball dipped late and struck his stumps.

3. Aaqib Javed (Pakistan) – 1992:

Aaqib Javed’s slower ball played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s victory during the 1992 World Cup. In a semifinal match against New Zealand, Javed used a well-executed slow-leg cutter to outfox Mark Greatbatch, who was in formidable form. The ball’s late movement deceived Greatbatch, resulting in a crucial wicket.

4. Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) – 2005:

Known for his blistering pace, Shoaib Akhtar displayed his versatility by delivering a perfectly disguised slow yorker against England in 2005. The batsman, Michael Vaughan, misread the delivery and handed an easy catch back to the bowler.

5. Jasprit Bumrah (India) – 2018:

Jasprit Bumrah, one of India’s fastest bowlers, showcased his tactical acumen by delivering a considerably slower ball in 2018 against Shaun Marsh. Dropping his pace to 113 kph, Bumrah deceived Marsh, resulting in a leg-before-wicket (LBW) dismissal.

6. Dwayne Bravo (West Indies) – 2006:

In a crucial 2006 ODI between West Indies and India, Dwayne Bravo executed a slower ball that proved pivotal. Facing Yuvraj Singh, Bravo’s delivery, clocking at 117 kph, outfoxed Yuvraj, leading to a misjudged shot that resulted in a leg-stump-bound yorker.

7. Majid Haq (Scotland) – 2015:

In an unconventional entry, Majid Haq of Scotland bowled one of the slowest deliveries in cricket history, consistently bowling around 41.6 mph. This naturally slower delivery showcased Haq’s unique style among the typically faster-paced deliveries.

8. Naved-ul-Hasan (Pakistan) – 2004:

Naved-ul-Hasan utilized a slow yorker in a bid to dismiss Virender Sehwag during a 2004 ODI between India and Pakistan. While Sehwag did fall to Naved’s tactics, the contest leaned in favor of Sehwag, who had already made a significant impact.

9. Brett Lee (Australia) – 2005:

Renowned for his express pace, Brett Lee surprised Brian Lara in 2005 with a considerably slower ball at 118 kph. Lara, known for his prowess, fell victim to the deceptive delivery as it struck his pads, leading to an LBW dismissal.

10. Steve Harmison (England) – 2005:

In the 2005 Ashes series, Steve Harmison executed a perfectly timed slow-off cutter that left Michael Clarke confused. The delivery’s precision and movement caught Clarke off guard, resulting in the ball finding its way to the off stump.

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