The God of Cricket and Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar shows his heart-warming feelings for the gift he got from the West Indies Cricket Board and his beloved friend Brian Lara, when he said goodbye to the Cricket world on November 13, 2013, after playing exceptionally and extraordinarily for 24 years, leaving his die-hard fans dismayed. His retirement brought tears to the eyes of his worldwide fans. 

Sir Sachin tweeted on 16 November 2020 sharing a video of the steel drum which was presented to him.

Here goes the tweet as he shared,

In this video, Sachin can be seen remembering the day when Brian Lara and West Indies team came to him. With the elegant present put on his table, he says that this steel drum is a sign of respect and love for him and he has even more than the same love and respect in his heart for them. He says when Brian came with it, he played it beautifully. Sachin played the drums to pay tribute to the West Indies Cricket Board and his friends.

Sachin Tendulkar is a very down-to-earth and humble personality. It is not for the first time he thanks for the present he had received, apart from that on his retirement speech in the Wankhede Stadium he took every single name of the persons who were behind his splendid journey. 

There is a reason he is called the God of Cricket. He is the first man in the history of cricket to score 51 centuries in International cricket. It is obvious, for him to score centuries he had to play matches, and turns out he is the one who has played the most test matches in his International career. Even this is nothing, he holds 19 Guinness World Records.

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It has been a total of seven years since Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has retired. His retirement was a real heartbreak for his huge fandom. But the thing to be noticed is even after such a long time he has the gesture of gratitude for his colleagues and the WICB. One thing everyone must derive from his life is the humility and humbleness he possesses. Even these virtues seem to be gifted by God to him. Sir Sachin is loved and will be loved by his fans until eternity. 

Until next time stay safe, healthy, and be well informed with us. 

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