World’s Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards In 2022-23

BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is the richest cricket board in the world. In terms of sponsorship, TV rights, and other revenue sources, India’s governing body is at the top. BCCI net worth is estimated at $2.25 billion.

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards

Sr. No.Cricket BoardNet worth $Value In INR
1Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI)$ 2.25 billion 15,521 Crore
2Cricket South Africa(CSA)$ 79 Million 613 Crore
3England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)$ 59 Million458 Crore
4Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)$ 55 Million427 Crores
5Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)$ 51 Million395 Crores
6Zimbabwe Cricket Board (ZCB)$ 38 Million 295 Crore
7Cricket Australia (CA)$ 24 Million 186 Croce
8Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC)$ 20 Million155 Croce
9Cricket West Indies (WICB)$ 15.53 Million 120 Croce
10New Zealand Cricket (NZC)$ 9 Million69 Crore

1. Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI): Net Worth is $2 Billion


The BCCI tops the list with a total net worth of $2 billion. Their revenue was recorded at a whopping $512 million. The BCCI was formed in 1928 and since then, we have seen the Indian team keeps growing. The Indian team is undoubtedly the richest cricket team in the world.

The BCCCI’s net worth is more than any other cricket board in the world. The headquarters of BCCI is situated in Mumbai. The Indian Premier League is the biggest source of revenue for BCCI.

The BCCI has a long list of sponsors including Byju’s, MPL Sports, Dream 11, Paytm, Hyundai, Star Sports, Ambuja Cements, etc. Not only the Indian team, but almost each of the Indian players has multiple sponsors.

2. Cricket South Africa (CSA): Net Worth is $79 Million

Cricket South Africa

The South African cricket board was founded in 1991 with its headquarters in Johannesburg. The total net worth of the South African cricket board is $79 million with the last year’s revenue of $66.65 million.

South Africa has released a lot of great players in past and they have one of the most powerful players on their team. Still, they could never win World Cup. Recently, they played a T20 international series against Pakistan in which they lost by 1-3.

3. England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB): Net Worth is $59 Million


The England team is one of the richest cricket teams in the world. Its revenue is recorded at $292.39 million its total net worth is $59 million.

The ECB was formed in 1997 and the headquarters is situated in Lord’s. They also have huge sponsors like Lifebuoy, New Balance, and Royal London.

4. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB): Net Worth is $55 Million


The Pakistan Cricket Board was formed in 1949. Their headquarters is situated in Lahore. The total net worth of PCB is $55 million with recent revenues of $111.45 million.

A large number of companies have sponsored PCB including Pepsi, Gatorade, United Bank Ltd., Brighto Paints, etc. PCB earns a large number of funds from organizing Pakistan Super League.

5. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB): Net Worth is $51 Million

 Bangladesh Cricket Board

the Bangladesh Cricket Board was incorporated in 1977. Its headquarters is situated at Sher – e – Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Dhaka. BCB is a full member of ICC since 2000. The last revenue of BCB was recorded at $110 million with a total net worth of $51 million.

The Bangladesh team has improved a lot in recent years. It is currently one of the strongest teams in the world. They have big sponsorships like Pan Pacific and Aamra Network.

6. Zimbabwe Cricket Board (ZCB): Net Worth is $38 Million

Zimbabwe Cricket Board

Zimbabwe Cricket Board comes ]in the 9th position with a total net worth of $38 million. It was formed in 1992 and earned around $15.53 million in revenue last year.

ZCB is sponsored by a lot of big brands like Castle Lager, ZimGold, Coca-Cola, etc. However, like SLC, ZCB is also not doing well currently. In a recent test series against Pakistan, Zimbabwe lost both test matches. The CEO of ZCB is Wilfred Mukondiwa and their chairman is Tavengwa Mukuhlani.

7. Cricket Australia(CA): Net Worth is $24 Million

Cricket Australia

The Australian Cricket Board was established in 1905, even before the West Indies Cricket Board. They have their headquarters in Melbourne. The revenue of Australia Cricket is a whopping $390 million and its total net worth is $24 million.

They have a large number of companies that sponsor them including Gatorade, HCL, Vodafone, Dettol, KFC, Toyota, Cadbury, etc. They also earn huge revenues by organizing Big Bash League.

8. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC): Net Worth is $20 Million

Sri Lanka Cricket

The Sri Lankan Cricket board was incorporated in 1975. The total net worth of SLC is around $20 million. The last year’s revenue of SLB was $13.7 million. Sri Lanka cricket board handles all the men’s, women’s, and under-19 teams of the country and their domestic and international matches of all three formats.

Recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka Cricket was struggling to survive. However, BCCI came in to help them with organizing matches between Sri Lanka and India. The SLC is currently led by president Shammi Silva.

9. Cricket West Indies (WICB): Net Worth is $15 Million

World's Richest Cricket Board of 2022 Insights

The Cricket West Indies which used to be known as West Indies Cricket Board takes the 8th position with a total net worth of $15 million. The recent revenue of WICB was $15.53 million. WICB is one of the oldest boards in the world. It was founded in 1920, more than 100 years ago.

Initially, the name of the board was the West Indies Cricket Board of Control which got changed to WICB in 1996. Most of their revenues come from broadcasting rights. Prior to 2013, their revenues were not so huge.

But in 2013, after the introduction of the Caribbean Premier League, their revenues increased gradually. They also have brand sponsorships like Castore and JetBlue.

10. New Zealand Cricket (NZC): Net Worth is $9 Million

New Zealand Cricket

The NZC recently recorded a revenue of $28.86 million with a total net worth of $9 million. The headquarters of NZC is in Christchurch. The NZC has a lot of sponsors including Ford, ANZ, Air New Zealand, KFC, Gillette, etc

Is BCCI Richer Than ICC?

BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world. But, we cannot compare the net worth as ICC is the governing body and BCCI is a part of it. The total net worth of ICC is $2.5 billion whereas the net worth of BCCI is $2 billion. So, the answer to the question is ‘No’, BCCI is not richer than ICC.

Being a cricket lover, you must be very well aware of the fact that the BCCI is well known as the Richest Cricket board with a net worth of $2 billion approximately 14,686.4 crore rupees in INR), And talking about the wealthiest cricket boards.

This revenue is continuously increasing for not just BCCI, but there are many other boards that are leaving no stone unturned in performing the best and winning the hearts of cricket through various cricketing leagues and hence achieving the best positions globally.

To highlight some, there are:

  1. The most popular of which is the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is hosted by the Board of Control for Cricket in India.
  2. Cricket South Africa (CSA) is currently the second rank on the list, with reported revenue of $79 Million.
  3. England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) comes in 3rd with annual revenue of $59 Million.
  4. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) ranks fourth on the list, with $55 Million in revenue.
  5. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is 5th on the list & earns a total of $51 Million.

Furthermore, talking about achieving better positions in the league, we have listed some of the top richest cricket boards in the world with real net value, let’s have a look:

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