Five reasons why the Indian Premier League 2021 season was canceled midway

After the IPL reached it’s halfway, BCCI had postponed the event yesterday. The 29 matches of the cash-rich league tournament were done. Until COVID didn’t breach the bio bubble, but once it started to enter the bio bubble set up made by BCCI, the officials and the franchises decided to postpone the tournament for an indefinite period.

The BCCI didn’t shift the IPL to the UAE as they did it in the IPL 2020 season. They played the last season despite the COVID scare in the country, and that’s why BCCI shifted the whole 13th edition to the United Arab Emirates.

BCCI had this offer to shift the 14th edition. But their ignore was such it didn’t allow them to host the IPL in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

The BCCI had arranged the IPL 2021 season in six different cities of India even though the second wave of COVID is at its peak. BCCI had held the matches in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

Instead of that, BCCI should have hosted the matches in just three nearby cities, which could have prevented many traveling, and they wouldn’t have compromised on the bio bubble.

BCCI had also organized a safety and technology firm from the US in their last edition. But here, the Indian Medical company did do a proper job. The Corona Virus burst in the bio bubble of the players, and the tournament was suspended at the halfway stage.

The BCCI didn’t coordinate with the IPL franchises and the players regarding the hotel booking. The hotel was arranged ten kilometers away from the stadiums, and the hotels were located at a commercial place. This was also the reason it broke the bio bubble protocol many times during the IPL games.

The ignorance was bliss for the BCCI officials. They failed to understand the current situation, and that is why they failed to deliver. The bio bubble was the safest place on earth that the BCCI members had set up. But as soon as the COVID got in, the officials failed

to cope with the situation. After the two more members tested positive for this deadly virus, the BCCI and the IPL franchise postponed the tournament, and now they are looking for the September window to host the next 31 games of the IPL 2021 season. 

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