Reaction By Ricky Pointing To Virat Kohli’s Century

The Asia Cup was over a week ago, and India’s journey to Dubai ended with a win over Afghanistan. The team came back home with a gift for the Indian team. The 71st century of Virat Kohli. This bodes well for the Indian team in the upcoming World Cup.

Finally, we can say it: The King is back in form.

Virat scored his 71st century, and now he has matched the legendary cricketer Ricky Pointing. The ICC released an interview with Ricky Pointing about Virat’s century and matching his record as the player who has scored the second most centuries.

Pointing has made several points, including can Virat break Sachin Tendulkar’s 100-century record; how Virat should act in the upcoming white ball cricket; and Virat’s role in the upcoming World Cup. So, let us dive in and find out what was on the mind of Ricky Pointing.

Pointing’s first reaction to this century was, “It was only a matter of time.”

Throughout the time when Virat Kohli was not in form and all the former players had called to drop him out of the team, Ricky Pointing was vocal in his support throughout that time.

Pointing Appreciated The Break Taken By Virat

Before the Asia Cup, Kohli was given a break and did not touch the bat for a month. He confirmed it during an interview with Star Spots. He also talked about his struggle with his mental health during the period when he was out of form and not getting runs for the team.

This break was the best option he could have had, and it worked in a positive manner. Virat is back in form and scored the second highest in the Asia Cup 2022, including two fifties and a hundred, and that is the best news for the Indian team as the World Cup is next month.

Pointing said, “This century has taken a bit longer because he has been in that century-making drought if you like. It has taken a bit longer to get to me than I thought it was going to. But look, he is obviously one of the all-time greats and there is still a long time to go in his career. It was good to see him back scoring runs. “

Pointing called Virat one of the all-time greats to which we can all relate. He also appreciated the break taken by Virat. Virat is still the lifeline of the Indian batting line-up. He is still the king of Indian cricket and no one else can take his place.

Should Virat Kohli Start Off With Rohit Sharma?

Virat has played at no. 3 for a long time and has done an excellent job there, but after opening against Afghanistan and scoring his maiden T-20 century, the Indian dressing room would be in a quandary.

Should they bring Virat to open?

Should Virat Kohli Start Off With Rohit Sharma?

He has opened 9 times and scored 400 runs at an amazing strike rate of 161.29.

In response to this, veteran player Ricky Pointing said, “The question we’re going to keep asking is, well,I’m sure the Indian selectors are wondering the same thing: does Virat getting the 100 open the batting create more of an issue than we thought? What are we going to do now that the World Cup is approaching?”

In addition, he stated, “So there are probably a few additional issues that have arisen as a result of his great 100. He was even quoted as noting that he was astonished that the first 100 back was in a T20I game. He assumed that would be his only chance to get his first hundred in a couple of years.”

A Special Gesture To His Family

In the short interview, Pointing also acknowledges and respects Virat for the special mention of his wife Anushka and daughter Vamika.

“You see me standing here because one person has put everything in perspective for me,” Virat remarked after the contest. Anushka is her name. “This hundred is for her as well as our young daughter Vamika.”

“He was really delighted and, I suppose, relieved towards the conclusion of the game,” Ricky Pointing recalled. He definitely talked very highly of his wife’s effect on the final couple of years of his life, which is also very heartwarming to hear. A lot of that stuff goes unsaid, in particular in men’s sports.

Just the impact that your family and your remarkably close ones have had on you throughout your career. So, it’s nice to hear that but also great to see Virat back in form. “

Can Virat Outperform The Master Blaster?

Now that Virat has tied for the second most centuries, his next goal is to surpass Sachin Tendulkar, who holds the record of 100 centuries. The journey is going to be difficult, but Virat Kohli is ready for the upcoming games. Well, Ricky Pointing is not sure about that .

Pointing said, “If you had asked me three years ago, I’d have said yes.” But the fact that it has slowed down as much as it has, yes, it is possible for him, there is no doubt.

Pointing added, “I still think he has got a number of years ahead of him, but I guess to still be 30 international hundreds behind, that’s a lot. That is five or six test hundreds a year, for the next three or four years. If you throw a couple of one-day ones, the odd T20 one on top of it. ” Look, I will never say never with Virat, because you know, once he gets on a bit of a roll, you know how hungry he is and how keen for success he is. I’ll never say never, that’s for sure 

Should Virat take a break from the upcoming series?

The question was critical and difficult to answer because there were two possibilities: Virat could lose his grip on the game he had just returned to, or another break could serve him like nectar and help him improve his form for the World Cup.

India has two white ball series this month, and Virat is in both, so the question is, should he play?

Ricky Pointing answered this by saying, “Yes, that’s a really good question, and that’s probably a question only he could answer.” Ponting said it’s just going to depend on how he is feeling mentally again.

When you’re playing, you don’t ever realise how tired you are till you take a step back, because you’re always bluffing yourself and convincing yourself that you are 100% right physically and mentally.

“Sometimes you’re nowhere near that. And I think Virat has actually come out and said that as well, that he just didn’t realise sort of how bad a space he was in until he got that extended break.

“If he keeps scoring runs now, I’m sure he’ll play the next series. If he plays that and plays well and starts getting on a bit of a role, I think he’ll want to keep playing. He’d want to keep that momentum going.

But if he does have a bit of a lean patch again, it’ll probably be in his interest and India’s interest to try and freshen him up mentally as much as they can going into the World Cup.

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