Quinton de Kock pleased with South Africa Test captaincy SOS ‘for presently’

The South African batsman, Quinton de Kock has approved to act as the skipper of the South African squad in the upcoming test games for this global season just as he admits the pickers have strived to recognize a likely nominee as a permanent remedy in the five-day tournament.

The South African batsman, Quinton De Kock, who governs the South African squad in One-day International games, was an alarming choice for the South African tournament, just because the duo De Kock and manager of the sport, Graeme Smith has once told that the responsibility of captaincy in all three configurations would be extreme for the wicketkeeper.

However, as the squad readies for the beginning of the two-test home sequel to take on Sri Lanka on Boxing Day, and with test games against Pakistan and Australia ahead in the following year, the South African skipper, Quinton De Kock tells that he is pleased in an interim part.


He stated that as soon as the pickers informed him of the conditions, he realized the source immediately and hence, didn’t approve on the spot. He thought about it for quite a long period before responding to the same. 

He continued that for this cause. As soon as someone raises their hand then they would attain supervision. However, the South African batsman, Quinto De Kock is delighted to do it for this tournament.

Team Sri Lanka came to be the prime squad from Asia to achieve victory in a test tournament in South Africa when they took a surprise 2-0 victory the previous year.


He stated that those were seaside ground in Durban and Port Elizabeth, but the South African batsman, Quinton De Kock is anticipating extra speed and leap in the upcoming tournament on the pitch, as the initial game will be played at Pretoria and the following test game will be played at Johannesburg.   

He said that they would like to play smart test cricket, they need to be extra streetwise in the way they operate about aspects. They wish to be contentious. Furthermore, they need to be prepared to toss the initial blow.

He said that they possess young cricketers, players who are required to grasp quickly. Particularly where the South African squad is when compared to the other teams in the test configuration cricket. 

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