It is in front of the eyes of the cricket followers that the show delivered by the Pakistan Team in its tour of New Zealand was criticized severely by the nation and big cricket personalities. In addition to this, as a result of that, defeat in the whole Test Series and one T20 International has made the post of the current coaches Waqar Younis, and Misbah-Ul-Haq might be in danger. There are speculations all over Pakistan and its news media, that Misbah may be dismissed from the position of coach and chief selector of players for the team. 

Misbah was not there for Clarifying!

Misbah said in a press conference on the 11th of Jan 2021 that he would like all of the fans and management to know that he is disappointed that they did not make it in New Zealand. He added that he is not there to make excuses or justify himself instead he would tweak all the facts and he would hope that everyone who understands cricket would infer this. Talking about his team and players, he continued saying if seen in the context of hard work, dedication, and devotion, every member of the team has tried and gave the match their best. 

He stressed that sometimes no matter how much practice you do, there is also a luck factor in the game which governs the batting or fielding of players, it might not happen likes they want it to be. Misbah also highlighted that since some of the players were tested positive for Covid-19, and they were put in quarantine and because of that, the players weren’t able to any kind of practice, not even running, all they did was just roaming in their rooms. 

You can watch Misbah’s full conference here, 

Misbah said in a universal manner that not just Team Pakistan, every team of the world can be seen being affected by Covid-19 and accompanied by fluctuations in their performances.

Shoaib’s Speculations Signal Sack!

Whereas Shoaib Akhtar, the cricketer who is perhaps most-engaged regarding the prevailing matches, said that he is in touch with all of the board members and former cricketers and there has been a ‘drama’ going on in the Pakistan Cricket Board that they are claiming they have had enough with him (Misbah) and six months ago the PCB was very clement and kind to him, and now, all arrangements have been made to sack him from his current job. 

You can listen to Shoaib’s talk here, 

Given all these conditions and circumstances, Misbah’s future in the PCB is very uncertain. What more consequences of this defeat will be faced by the country and Will they stand up again and claim their victory in upcoming matches?

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