Our Andrew Flintoff and his sufferings

Andrew Flintoff, popularly known as Freddie during his time with the England cricket team was one gem of an all-rounder that England has to date found hard to replace.

He was one of the top performers for England with both bat and ball in the first decade of the 21st century. Although he later changed his profession and started boxing at a professional level.

The disorder:

He talked about his bulimia nervosa disorder in his BBC documentary which aired on BBC one on Monday. Viewers said that they started crying after seeing the documentary which describes Freddie’s 20 year battle with an eating disorder. 

Our Andrew Flintoff and his sufferings
Our Andrew Flintoff and his sufferings

Appreciated by the viewers:

At one point in the documentary, Flintoff tells that he did it this year and can’t tell that it was his last time. Viewers applauded Flintoff for speaking about his problems bravely. Flintoff is the father of four children.

He talked to other people who had suffered or were suffering from the same problem and described how the problem left him with physical wrenching, bloodshot, and gone eyes. 

The documentary was appreciated by many viewers who prayed and hoped that Freddie Flintoff stays fine and he does not suffer from bulimia nervosa disorder further.

They said it is very brave of him to talk about mental ill-health and the video was very emotional and heartwarming. We also here hope that he overcomes his disorder as soon as possible.

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