New Zealand’s Greg Barclay was elected as the new ICC chairman, defeating Imran Khwaja of Singapore and he now replaces India’s Shashank Manohar. Voting was held at the annual quarterly meeting of the ICC, in which 16 board of directors, 12 permanent members, three associate directors, and one independent female director participated in the voting. 

Greg Barclay Sayings after becoming the chairman!!

After becoming the chairman, Barclays said that it is an honor for him to become the chairman of the ICC. He hopes that at the time of this pandemic, he will get together and work with everyone and take cricket even further.

Barclay is a commercial lawyer in Auckland and is also the director of NZC since 2012. Barclay has also served as a former board member and chairman of Northern District Cricket. Barclay was also a director at the ICC Match Cricket World Cup 2015. Imran Khawaja got support from the Pakistan Cricket Board and the former Singapore Cricket Chief but he lost in the voting.

Barclay got support from India, Australia, England, and New Zealand and defeated Imran Khawaja directly inside the voting and became the new ICC chairman.


Within the ICC, the post of the chairman has a very important responsibility. It is the responsibility of the chairman to expand the cricket further and make even better rules within the ICC. The task of the ICC is to oversee the cricket game happening all over the world and see where changes can be made in its rules. We hope that Barclay will work with full truth and honesty while in his post and will expand cricket even more in the whole world. 

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