Most Centuries In IPL In One Season By An Individual

Scoring a century in a T20 match probably requires the toughest skill of any batsman because the number of deliveries is only 120 per innings.

Where you get more deliveries in Test cricket and the ODIs are 50-over matches, usually, you get more deliveries to score a century.

But in tournaments like IPL, you have to make runs really fast to score enough runs to give a fight with the ball in hand.

Therefore, the risk of getting out at any time gets higher in T20 matches. Thus, scoring a century in tournaments like IPL which is a T20 tournament, is super tough.

But several cricketers have scored centuries in even tournaments like IPL. And today, I am going to talk about the players who scored the most 100 in IPL in one season.

5. Shane Watson – 2018

Most Centuries in IPL in One Season

Shane Watson comes no. 5 on our list. He scored 2 centuries in 2018’s IPL season and took a massive role for Chennai Super Kings in winning the trophy. Let us know about Shane Watson some more.

In 2018, Chennai Super Kings made their comeback after the two years suspension from playing the IPL tournament.

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And their performance was just mind-blowing! They made their comeback and they became the champion in the same season of IPL.

Shane Watson became a major player for the team in that season. He scored his second century against Sunrisers Hyderabad in the most vital match – the Final!

This century made Watson the seventh player who scored centuries in the IPL finals for two different teams.

Watson ended the 2018 season with 555 runs and 155 strike rates, and 6 wickets as a bowler.

But people cannot forget how he smashed Rashid Khan in the final match!

4. Hashim Amla – 2017

Most Centuries in IPL in One Season

Just like Shane Watson, Hashim Amla also scored 2 centuries in a single IPL season. He made this record in 2017’s IPL season.

Hashim Amla is known for his batting skills in mostly Test cricket along with ODIs.

But his record of scoring 2 centuries in a single IPL season was a shock to cricket lovers because he is mostly an orthodox batman who loves to play traditional cricket.

Amla scored the centuries for Kings XI Punjab against Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions.

3. Chris Gayle – 2011

Most Centuries in IPL in One Season

The complete entertainer, the giant of cricket, Chris Gayle, comes 3rd on our list. He also scored 2 centuries in a single IPL season which makes him no. 3rd on this list. He did this record in the year 2011.

Chris Gayle is famous for his colorful life and mind-blowing cricket career. He is a very dangerous batsman for every opponent.

He is a cricketer of the West Indies and probably the most discussed player in the history of the IPL tournament.

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He is able to hit long sixes which is a great thing to see as an audience. Gayle’s performance took Royal Challengers Bengaluru to the final match,

who joined the team as a replacement after the auction. Gayle scored 673 runs in that season at a 183 strike rate.

Gayle also has the record of scoring the most centuries in the IPL tournament ever. He smashed 6 centuries in IPL, and his highest score of 175 is the highest score by an individual in IPL also.

2. Jos Buttler – 2022

Most Centuries in IPL in One Season

Jos Buttler was in devastating form in the last IPL season played in 2022. He became the most useful batsman for Rajasthan Royals and scored 3 centuries in the IPL season.

Jos Buttler is a player of England and played IPL for Rajasthan Royals in the 2022’s season.

He scored 3 magnificent centuries against Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, and Kolkata Knight Riders. He carried his team to the final match single-handedly.

Buttler knew that his team does not have great batsmen like other teams. That is why he played the tournament with brains.

He spent time in the first few overs and started scoring runs at a higher rate in the middle to last overs. No wonder he comes among the best batsmen in the world.

1. Virat Kohli – 2016

Most Centuries in IPL in One Season

Virat Kohli, the former skipper of the Indian Cricket Team and the best batsman in the world, comes at no. 1 on our list. Kohli hit a maximum number of 4 centuries in a single season of the IPL tournament.

Virat Kohli has a very colorful cricket career and many records after his name. He scored many centuries in all formats of cricket.

And his greatness shows in this list too. As I said before, scoring a century in the T20 format is not so easy. But Virat has scored 4 centuries in just one season of IPL!

He bagged this record in the 2016’s IPL season. Back then, he was probably in his best form.

That IPL season, Virat finished the tournament with 973 runs. This is also a record for scoring the most runs in a single season of the tournament. No wonder he is called the great Virat Kohli.

Who Has The Most Centuries In IPL 2022?

Jos Buttler. Buttler played 2022’s IPL season for Rajasthan Royals and scored 3 centuries in the tournament against Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, and Kolkata Knight Riders.

To Finish It Off

No wonder IPL is one of the most colorful tournaments of any sport in the whole world.

This tournament has changed the meaning of franchise cricket. Now even ICC is keeping a window for the franchise tournaments from all over the world.

This tournament has brought a new dimension to the gentleman’s game.

Here I discussed the most centuries by individuals in a single IPL season. Come back here for more exciting stories related to cricket. All the best!

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