Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Cricketer in the World

Sarah Taylor along with Sune Luus, Sana Mir, Kainat Imtiaz, Ellyse Perry and Kainat Imtiaz is considered the most beautiful Women Cricketer. These female cricketers enjoy the same fandom as any other celebrity would do owing to their charm and elegance.

A true cricket fan will surely enjoy both Men’s and Women’s cricket. Nowadays, women’s cricket is emerging successfully around the world. Women cricketers are multi-talented just like the men in the international cricket team.

But some female cricketers can even beat the film stars in their glamor and beauty. Here, we will tell you about the most beautiful women cricketer all over the world today.

These women cricketers are so beautiful that they have gathered a fan base of more than the world-famous stars in the world. Isn’t that amazing? Keep reading to know more about the most beautiful women cricketer.

Most Beautiful Women Cricketer

Sarah Taylor (England)

Sarah Jane Taylor or Sarah Taylor is from England. She came off in the year 1989 and now she is playing for the National Women’s Cricket team in England.

most beautiful women cricketer

Though she is a right-handed batsman, she is most popular for her excellent skills in wicket-keeping.

Apart from her talents, she is extremely beautiful and has a bold personality. Even, her fans often say that if she would be in movies, she would shine there as well.

Fans also like her amazing gaming style and the strategies she makes during the game. She was also the best female player in Women’s ODI, organized by ICC in 2017.

Smriti Mandana (India)

One can’t just overlook the mesmerizing beauty and charm that Smriti Mandhana has. No doubt, she is the perfect combination of beauty, attraction, and talent.

most beautiful women cricketer

Therefore, she has now become a sensation among the youth. She is now playing for the Indian Women’s Cricket Team.

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In 2018, ICC declared her the best woman cricketer of the year. Not just that, BCCI selected her as the Best Women’s International Cricketer. Her fans are now calling her a beauty queen in the world of cricket.

Jahanara Alam (Bangladesh)

Millions of people consider that Jahanara Alam has made them amazed with her bold and strong personality along with her skills in cricket.

most beautiful women cricketer

This female cricketer from Bangladesh has gathered a huge fan base with her looks and charming personality.

Jahanara Alam is now playing for the National Women’s Cricket Team in Bangladesh. She is both a medium-pace bowler and a right-handed batsman on her team. In the year 2010, in a match against China, Jahanara even received a silver medal for her skills in the game.

Sune Luus (South Africa)

The beautiful woman cricketer, Sune Luus, started her career in international cricket in the year 2012. Sune is from South Africa and a leg-spinner for her team.

most beautiful women cricketer

In the year 2016, Sune Luus had a joint record for taking the most wickets in the series of matches.

In the next year, CSA named her the Women’s Cricketer of the Year award. Apart from her talents, she always maintains a glamorous look and a gorgeous style. This has made her an extremely charming and good-looking person. Whenever she posts on her social media handles, she gets millions of reactions and comments where fans are praising her for her beauty and talent.

Holly Ferling (Australia)

The list of the most beautiful women cricketers will be incomplete if we do not add Holly Ferling to the list.

most beautiful women cricketer

Holly Ferling started her career in the National Women’s Cricket Team in Australia in 2013, when she was 23 years old. She is holding a really impressive graph in her career.

Apart from her talents, she has mesmerized her fans with her charm, glamor, and her good-looks. In the year 2016, she retired from International Cricket, after playing her last match for her team, Australia. Holly Ferling’s social media handles are full of beautiful pictures, videos, and other posts.

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Tania Bhatia (India)

If you are searching for the most beautiful women cricketer around the world, then you should be aware of Tania Bhatia from India. she is from the state of Punjab. She is both a batsman and a wicket-keeper for her team.

most beautiful women cricketer

International Cricket Council ICC named her one of the Breakout Stars in the year 2018.

She has won millions of hearts with her beauty and charm. She is so adorable that if she was in the movies she could shine there a lot. However, she is from a family with a cricket background.  

Her father was Sanjay Bhatia and he was a famous cricketer as well. Yograj Singh trained her in her childhood and then she came under the guidance of RP Singh.

Isobel Joyce (Ireland)

Isobel Joyce was born in the year 1983 and she is from Ireland. She is currently playing for her team, the Irish National Women’s Cricket.

Joyce began her career in international cricket in the month of June 1999, when she was only at the age of 17. Her first One Day International match was against India.

most beautiful women cricketer

she became the captain of the team and under her captaincy, Ireland played 62 matches in all formats along with 2 World Twenty20.

But she not only has excellent skills and talents but also a mesmerizing beauty. Whenever her topic was raised, she is praised not only for her talents but also for her charm. She holds a strong personality as well. This enhances her beauty a lot more than ever.

Sana Mir (Pakistan)

Sana Mir has become a young sensation among her fans since she joined international women’s cricket. She is an extremely beautiful girl in all ways who has won millions of hearts with both her talent and glamor.

most beautiful women cricketer

She started her career in international cricket with an amazing performance. In One Day Internationals, she became the captain of her team, and under her captaincy, Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team played several T20Is.  

She was the first woman cricketer who held the record of taking 100 wickets in One Day International matches. With her performance, she just enhances the expectations of the Women’s Cricket team in Pakistan.

Ellyse Perry (Australia)

While talking about the most beautiful women cricketer in the world, one just can’t ignore the name, Ellyse Perry. She is playing as a fast bowler and a right-handed batsman for her team on preset days.  

most beautiful women cricketer

Even, her fans are saying that her beauty is enhancing as the days pass. With her enhanced good looks, she could be a model or an actress very easily.

Ellyse Perry began her career in international cricket when she was only 16 old. Not that, she is so skilled that she made her debut in the Women’s National football of Australia in the same year.

Kainat Imtiaz (Pakistan)

This beautiful girl is from Pakistan and she is both a medium-fast bowler and a right-arm batsman for her team. In 2015, she began her cricket career internationally. Her match was against Ireland.

most beautiful women cricketer

She always maintains an attractive and strong personality. Even, her personality increases her charm and glamor. Her fans think that she is more looking like a beautiful model than a cricketer. Kainat is a very talented cricketer as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the most beautiful female cricketer in the world?

Well, you will see several beautiful women cricketers in many teams around the world. You can’t just name one who has mesmerized her audience both with her beauty and talents. Here are some of the beautiful female cricketers around the world.

  • Sune Luus (South Africa)
  • Smriti Mandhana (India)
  • Holly Ferling (Australia)
  • Isobel Joyce (Ireland)
  • Kainat Imtiaz (Pakistan)
  • Jahanara Alam (Bangladesh)
  • Sana Mir (Pakistan)
  • Danielle Wyatt (England)
  • Sarah Taylor (England)

These female cricketers around the world are equally good-looking and talented.

2. Who is the beautiful girl in Indian cricket?

In India, female cricketers who play internationally, never miss a chance to mesmerize the audience with their beauty and skills. Here are some female Indian cricketers who do have beauty and talent.

  • Priya Punia
  • Veda Krishnamurthy
  • Smriti Mandhana
  • Harleen Deol
  • Mona Meshram
  • Neha Tanwar
  • Harmanpreet Kaur
  • Mithali Raj
  • Tania Bhatia

When it comes to beauty, female cricketers around the world can even beat the film stars. They have managed to get a huge fan base not only on their talents and skills but also their beauty.

You can often witness some of the beautiful women cricketers appearing in various brand advertisements. Therefore, they are the perfect combinations of real beauty with skills.

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