10 Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketers

Smriti Mandhana along with Priya Punia, Harleen Deol, Veda Krishnamurthy and Harmanpreet Kaur is considered the most beautiful Indian Women Cricketer. These cricketers leave their fans in awe by their charm and elegance.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports. Indian Women’s cricket is quickly overtaking men’s cricket as the most popular game in the country. In recent years, interest in women’s cricket has grown significantly, particularly during the World Cup.

Cricket enthusiasts are enamored not just with the sport but also with the game’s aesthetics. Several Indian female cricketers have gained worldwide acclaim for their attractiveness. There are some of these cricketers who seem like models or actors.

Cricket has evolved into something more than a game in the modern day. Modern-day cricket has become a fashion icon, and many people follow them. Cricketers are now more concerned with their appearance and persona than ever before.

Many firms use famous Indian men’s cricketers as their brand ambassadors. But female cricketers are also being recognized for their talent and beauty. A lioness on the field, they’re unstoppable. So, here is a list of some of India’s most beautiful women cricketers.

Look At The Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketers

Glamour and cricket go hand-in-hand for the ladies. Take a look at India’s most gorgeous female cricketers, starting with these 10.

Smriti Mandhana

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

She’s 24 and plays for India’s women’s national team. Mandhana was voted the best female cricketer in the World. The city of Mumbai in India is where her birth took place. Her cricketing activities are being taken care of by her family. In addition, she keeps her beauty and slim physique.

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On the field, she plays aggressively despite her soft-spoken exterior. For this reason, she has garnered numerous prestigious awards for her abilities.

Priya Punia

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

On February 6, 2019, Priya Punia debuted in the Women’s Twenty20. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is where she comes from. She looks great with her hair shaved to a short length.

Her Instagram interactions have rapidly made her a favorite among many. Fans went viral after she released a video of herself laughing when asked if she had a boyfriend. Currently, she’s 24 years old.

Veda Krishnamurthy

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

She is a cricketer from Kadur, Karnataka, India, at 28 years of age. In addition to right-handed batting and right-arm leg break bowling, she is a formidable cricketer. She has four older siblings.

At thirteen, Veda began taking cricket lessons at a cricket school. For this reason, she was transferred to Bangalore for further training by the institute’s director.

Check the Most Beautiful Women Cricketer in the World

As a result, she always aspired to represent her country on the field of play. Known for her excellent appearance and impressive cricketing abilities, Veda is a national treasure. Her parents did not think she would represent India in a future international competition.

Harleen Deol

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

Right-handed batswoman Harleen is a promising young cricketer. She also occasionally bowls right-arm leg-spin, which she learned from her father in Himachal Pradesh.

She’s a beauty and a cricketer, both at the same time. After her debut in the 50-over format last year, the girl from the mountains made her international debut in 2017.

A year later, she made her Twenty20 debut against the same opponent. And she’ll be representing India at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup. The Himachal cricketer is also well-known for her dashing appearance.

Mona Meshram

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

Mona Meshram is India’s first Vidarbha player. Her hitting style and beautiful appearance have earned her a reputation as a cricket player. Additionally, she’s known for being grounded and constantly remembering where she came from.

Before storming the cricketing World, she was a national-level volleyball player, much to everyone’s amazement. Her parents encouraged and supported her participation in sports because she had a genuine interest in them. Mona is a star on and off the field, reveling in her attention.

Neha Tanwar

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

In her day, the girl from Naraina, New Delhi, was a well-respected cricketer. She was a regular Indian women’s cricket squad member in her prime. In 2004, Tan War was a household name on the domestic wrestling scene. As a result, she was ultimately selected for the Indian national team in 2011.

Right-handed batters are also occasional off-break bowlers. Before making her international debut, the Delhi girl played for various other teams, including Railways, India Red, and India Women.

Harmanpreet Kaur

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

Harmanpreet Kaur is a phenomenal cricketer and a prodigious all-rounder. All-rounder Kaur leads the Indian women’s cricket squad. In appreciation of her efforts in the sport, she received the Arjuna Award for Cricket. Her age is 31 at this time. She became the first Indian female cricketer to hit a T20 century in 2018.

She was born in Moga, Punjab. Basketball and volleyball were both parts of her father’s athletic background. Additionally, she is one of the top Indian female cricketers in India. She’s also a brave beauty, which is a bonus.

Mithali Raj

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

Mithali Raj is acclaimed in India and the rest of the World as one of the best cricket players. She is also a pitcher, in addition to being a right-handed opener. Shouldn’t be surprised that the Air Force-bred Tamil lady scored the most runs in international cricket history. In the 50-over format, she still holds an unblemished run total of 6000.

The Arjuna Award she earned in 2003 and the Padma Shri she received in 2015 are the two most prestigious awards. The Tamil woman has played three forms of cricket for the country. She has an extensive fan base, and despite the scandals surrounding her, she is still the darling of many young girls and boys.

Jemimah Rodrigues

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

Team India member Jemimah Rodrigues, from Bhandup, Maharashtra, is currently in action. Sporting activities have always been a passion of hers, and she’s taken part in a variety of them over the years. As a national hockey player for her state, Jemimah is a fascinating tidbit of information.

Mandhana is the other player in the 50-over format with a score of 200 points or higher. Among young people, the Mumbai girl is a household name thanks to her dazzling batting skills and attractive appearance.

Tania Bhatia

Most Beautiful Indian Women Cricketer

Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Tania Bhatia is from Punjab. Regarding international cricket, she has played in 15 one-day and 49 twenty20 tournaments for the United States. After playing for Punjab and the North Zone, she represented India internationally.

She made her T20I and ODI debuts two years ago. For India’s 2020 T20 World Cup squad, she was also included. According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), this year’s breakout star is her. She has a sizable online fan base, particularly among teenagers.

This is a list of the top ten most gorgeous women cricketers. They are the most well-known cricketers in India and were proud of their performance. Because of their dedication and constant practice, they have achieved great success.

They’re not just great athletes; they’re also stunningly beautiful. In addition to their skill on the field, they’ve gained a following thanks to their good looks.

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