Top 7 Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World

Cricket is one of the most popular and celebrated sports around the globe. It originated in England and spread through them to the whole world.

Now we, especially the people of the subcontinent, cannot even imagine our life without cricket matches and discussions about cricketers.

The cricket grounds are a very relaxing place to see when there is no match. But some cricket grounds have become tourist destinations also.

Though tourists are not allowed inside the green ground, they watch the stadium standing outside, where many legendary players set many legendary records.

Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World

Today here in this article, I am going to discuss the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world and will tell you some interesting facts about the stadiums.

  • Sabina Park – Jamaica, Caribbean Islands
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground – Melbourne, Australia
  • Sheikh Zayed Stadium – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • The Wanderers – Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Galle International Stadium – Sri Lanka
  • Newlands – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Lord’s Cricket Ground – London, England

Sabina Park – Jamaica, Caribbean Islands

Once West Indies was a giant in the world of cricket. They were famous for cricketers like Viv Richards, Gary Sobers, Clive Lloyd, Malcolm Marshall, and many more.

They were a giant in the batting as well as in the bowling. The West Indies pacers were very dangerous those days. And Sabina Park cricket stadium is another feather to the glory of West Indies Cricket.

About The Stadium

Sabina Park is located in Jamaica, an island that comes under the Caribbean islands. The scenery around the stadium is very beautiful.

And the crowd that comes here to support their team is famous for the cheers they make for their cricketers.

It is unbelievable how a stadium like Sabina Park with only a 16,000 audience capacity can make such a noise for the home team during an international match. But with all colors and cheers, Sabina Park Stadium of Jamaica is no. 7 on our list.

Melbourne Cricket Ground – Melbourne, Australia

Top 7 Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World

The glory of Australian Cricket increases with the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium. The stadium is very rich in terms of cricket history and is considered one of the most iconic stadiums in the whole world.

Some brilliant and thrilling matches have been played on this glorious ground and many cricket records have been made here.

About The Stadium

The Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG is called the box day stadium because most of the time, the box day test matches are played in this stadium.

The most interesting part of this ground is, that it hosts not only cricket, but rugby matches, and concerts too. And it will be no offense to call it the best cricket stadium in Australia. MCG has a 98,000 audience capacity.

Sheikh Zayed Stadium – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Though UAE does not come among the first cricket-playing countries, the Sheikh Zayed Stadium is such a thing that overwhelmed almost every cricket lover in the world.

This stadium is located in Abu Dhabi of UAE and has held many international cricket matches.

About The Stadium

Because of the less rain in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Stadium is a wonderful option for the cricket series. The subcontinent countries love to play here because the weather is almost the same.

But the teams like England or Australia face a bit of struggle because of the heat.

It is a magnificent stadium in terms of the architecture, the shape of the stadium, and the lighting system.

And many cricket lovers do not know that Sheikh Zayed Stadium is considered the home ground of Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Afghanistan.

The Wanderers – Johannesburg, South Africa

Top 7 Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World

The land of diamonds, South Africa, is also enriched with quality cricketers and some world-class stadiums like The Wanderers. Experts consider it one of the most beautiful cricket grounds.

It is located in Johannesburg of South Africa, where some great and legendary cricket matches have been held.

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About The Stadium

This stadium is the place where Ricky Ponting’s Australia beat Sourav Ganguly’s India and lifted the world cup in the year 2003.

The wicket of this ground is known for its pace and bounce which helps the non-Asian teams a lot. Asian teams like Pakistan and India face a bit of struggle playing here.

In The Wanderers, many ODIs have been held with the capacity of 34,000 audiences, which started the journey of hosting cricket matches back in 1956 with a test match between South Africa and England.

Galle International Stadium – Sri Lanka

The most beautiful cricket stadium in Sri Lanka is probably the Galle International Stadium. And not only that, this stadium is a historical cricket stadium because it is one of the oldest cricket stadiums present in the world.

About The Stadium

The main attraction of this stadium is the Fort of Galle covering the dimensions of the stadium. The significance of this stadium is a test match was played here between Sri Lanka and New Zealand which you can call the first proper test match.

This ground has a spinning wicket, so the western teams face a bit of struggle playing here. It has a capacity of 35,000 audiences.

Newlands – Cape Town, South Africa

Surrounded by the famous table mountains, this Newlands Cricket Stadium is one of the most eye-soothing cricket stadiums not only in South Africa but also in the world. When the sun shines clearly in the blue sky and falls on the mountains, the green field of the stadium looks marvelously awesome.

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About The Stadium

Most of the time, the South African cricket board reserves this stadium for the traditional test match of the New Year. This is one of the few stadiums around the world which does not have those huge stands.

That is why the audience over here who come to watch the cricket match can actually enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of the town.

Lord’s Cricket Ground – London, England

Top 7 Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World

The Mecca of Cricket, the most celebrated and discussed cricket stadium, the Lord’s Cricket Ground, was established in the year 1814 by Thomas Lord.

It has a famous balcony from where one can get an enormous view of the ground and the match as well.

About The Stadium

This stadium has an unmatched view and vibe that is unavailable in the rest of the world. It is located beside the Thames River in London and has held the first three World Cup Finals in the years 1975, 1979, and 1983.

Even the 1999 and 2019 World Cup Finals also took place in the Lord’s Cricket Ground.

In the Lord’s Cricket Ground, 28,000 audiences can enjoy the match.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is the Oldest Cricket Stadium in the World?

It is the Lord’s Cricket Ground. Lord’s Cricket Ground was first established in the year 1787, but the venue was different.

It was then located southwest of Regent’s park’s Dorset Square, St. Marylebone, and was founded by Thomas Lord. It was shifted to St. John’s Wood Estate in 1811, and to the present venue in the year 1814.

2. Which country has the best cricket stadiums in the world?

Almost every cricket-playing countries have a beautiful cricket stadium in the world. Among them, some famous cricket stadiums are Lord’s Cricket Ground of London, Newlands Stadium of South Africa, Melbourne Cricket Ground of Australia, etc.

3. Which one is the world’s no 1 cricket ground?

It is tough to say which one is the no. 1 cricket stadium in the whole world.

Some people will say it is Lord’s Cricket Ground, some will choose Newlands Stadium of South Africa, some will pick up Sabina Park of West Indies, and some will vote for the Melbourne Cricket Ground of Australia.

But each and every stadium is beautiful on its own terms.

To Finish It Off

Here I have given the list of the top 7 most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world and have discussed them in brief.

I hope, this article will help you to know more about the beautiful stadiums of the beautiful game and you will be a fan of not only cricket but also the stadiums too.

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